24 Home Remedies for Burning Mouth Syndrome

Mouth burning syndrome involves pain that is burning on the lips, inside the mouth, gums, and the tongue. The pain can start from being mild to severe, and in other cases, the severity of your pain can be the same as the pain of a toothache. Mouth burning syndrome can last up to a number of weeks,  months, or even years. The fact is this disease has no treatment to prevent it.

Most patients suffering from mouth burning syndrome experience either little or may experience no pain at all while sleeping. The severity of this disease increases on a daily basis, mostly before bedtime.



  • Bad breath
  • Excessive thirst
  • Tooth decay
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dry and sore mouth
  • Bitter and metallic taste
  • Tingling or numbing sensations on the tip of the tongue or inside the mouth
  • Unpleasant sensation and  burning feeling on the throat, palate, lips, throat, gums, and tongue

Common Causes

While the culprit causing mouth burning syndrome remains unfound, the syndrome is divided into two major categories: ‘Idiopathic’ and ‘Primary’ mouth burning syndrome. Other possibilities causing this syndrome you should familiarize yourself with are the following:

  • Deficiencies of zinc, iron, B vitamins, niacin and folic acid
  • Irritation of the mouth generated by excess brushing of the tongue.
  • Allergies like mouthwash, toothpaste, and foods
  • Dentures (stressing allergic reactions or tissues or muscles
  • Professional use or angiotensin-That converts enzymes inhibitors
  • Smoking
  • Nerve damage
  • Acid reflux
  • Chronic infection
  • Inflammatory disorders
  • Oral candida
  • Endocrine disorders
  • Oral cancer
  • An acidic diet
  • Dry mouth
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Blood abnormalities
  • Type two diabetes
  • Dental diseases


Home Remedies for Burning Mouth Syndrome

  1. Change your Toothpaste and Mouthwash

Concerning home remedies for burning mouth syndrome, don’t skip the actuality that changing toothpaste can help in treating this syndrome’s symptoms in an effective way. Treating symptoms for burning mouth syndrome, you’ll need to change your everyday toothpaste, especially if it contains sodium lauryl sulfate. Also, change your mouthwash if it contains alcohol.

toothpaste, baking soda, burning mouth

Using toothpaste that contains baking soda can be a big help

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera was said to be a protector and supporter of sensitive tissues on the inside of the mouth. It also works well at treating mouth dryness in research done on aloe vera mouthwash, which is a common cause in mouth burning syndrome. Try to rinse mouth two or three times per day with fresh aloe vera juice.

Alternatively, you may also rinse the leaf of aloe vera and squeeze all the liquid in it. Thereafter, place it directly on the infected tongue. Let it sit for fifteen to twenty minutes. Afterward, rinse mouth with cool water. Repeat this two or three times per day till you achieve desired relief.


  1. Mint

Mint is very useful in reducing burning sensation in the mouth. This cooling remedy provides strong antibacterial effects that inhibit the growth of bacteria on the inside of the mouth. These remedies help to prevent health issues connected to infections. These are two natural ways that are proven to boost your ability to handle burning mouth syndrome at home using mint.

Simply, chew two fresh leaves of mint or mint chewable gums daily to ease burning mouth syndrome symptoms. Otherwise, prepare mint tea equivalent to a cup and leave it inside the fridge for thirty minutes. Consume this tea two or three times per day for desired results.


  1. Nutritional Diet

Food that is rich in iron like sesame seeds, dates, cashew nuts, and bran flakes can be eaten to get the desired relief from the ailment. Also, sticking to a diet abuzz with vitamin B1, zinc, vitamin B2, leafy vegetables, vitamin B12, etc can ease burning sensation.


  1. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is another powerful remedy for mouth syndrome that should be used in treating mouth burning syndrome apart from the use of any medication, drug or pill. It’s known also for treating oral diseases, mouth burning syndrome included.

According to research about Lavender’s oil health benefits, the use of lavender oil helps to reduce soreness and inflammation the natural way and effectively. Simultaneously, it helps in handling stress and calming your senses. So, people suffering with this syndrome should wash their mouth using 40mg of this oil two times per day until desired relief is achieved.


  1. Triphala and Babool Decoctions

This remedy is exceptionally good for a burning tongue. Gargling with this prepared decoction of Triphala is an ayurvedic practice to cool off the tongue.


  1. Black Tea

Black tea’s cooling extracts may be applied on the burning tongue. Soak two teabags in water per cup and boil them to collect black tea’s cool extracts. Tannic acid found in this tea absorbs heat, cools and also soothes burn. Simply drink the tea to get relief.

black tea, green tea, tea, teabags, fungal

Any kind of black tea should work for this home remedy

  1. Tabasco Sauce

Capsaicin is an ingredient that is well-reviewed for its inflammation calming properties. This is the ingredient that is active in Tabasco sauce. Rinse mouth with water mixed with Tabasco sauce drops ease pain in your tongue. Capsaicin found in Tabasco sauce eliminates pain in nerve cells signaling a chemical reaction that helps to ease the pains.


  1. Apple

Consuming a lot of apples is another way of treating the symptoms of burning mouth syndrome that I’ll like to reveal to all my readers, especially those facing these symptoms. Either eat one apple a day or drink a cup of apple juice each day to treat your burning mouth symptoms.


  1. Non-Acidic Drinks And Foods

Try switching acidic fluids such as coffee, orange juice, soft drinks, and tomato juice for other beverages that are neutral or alkaline. Water is the best option; drinking good amounts of water is helpful in reducing dryness of mouth due to this syndrome.

Many people find fresh milk to be enjoyable. Whereas fruit juice seems to be acidic, even apple juice and prune juice, so you have to be very careful when choosing fruit juices to avoid making the oral syndrome worse.


  1. Vitamin B

Deficiency of important vitamins, like a vitamin B deficiency, are commonly the cause of burning mouth syndrome. Therefore, you should increase your intake of the B vitamins to treat mouth burning syndrome symptoms in order to prevent further burning sensations.

These vitamins can be found in foods or the intake of B vitamins supplements. Other sources that are natural of these vitamins are brown rice, wheat germ, soybeans, whole grain cereals, meat, fish, and whole grain bread.

bread, whole grains, fibrocystic

Whole grain bread often looks something like this

  1. Glycerin

Glycerin helps in reducing mouth dryness, infected areas as well as treating burning sensations. Mouth dryness is in fact, amongst mouth burning syndrome causes. The use of glycerin helps in keeping the tongue and mouth moist, as to boost the process of healing. Usage of veggie glycerin is also commonly reviewed for best results.

To help treat tongue burning syndrome symptoms, these are the two methods people can use at home: Simply, wash the mouth two times per day with a mouthwash mixed with glycerin for best results. Alternatively, dab your tongue with vegetable glycerin.


  1. Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Alpha-lipoic acid, or ALA, is a helpful remedy for the symptoms of this syndrome. This substance actually works as an antioxidant powerfully protecting your body from the free radicals. As well as preventing further damage, it is useful in helping your nerve cells to function fully. For great results, the intake of 600 mg daily of this substance is recommended.


  1. Honey

Honey is also a great remedy for anyone who is dealing with mouth burning syndrome symptoms. This treatment helps in fighting diseases of the gum and simultaneously easing burning sensation within your mouth, as said in a research. Simply, apply directly onto your tongue some honey and let it sit for thirty seconds to a minute before you can swallow it.

Alternatively, make a fine paste by mixing ½ tsp. of the turmeric and 1 tsp. honey. Then, apply it directly on the infected area of your tongue. Before rinsing with clean and cool water try to allow it to stay for about five minutes. Repeat this remedy twice per day, for great results.


  1. Cayenne Pepper

In treating mouth burning syndrome symptoms and salivary gland stimulation, cayenne pepper should be consumed. The found capsaicin in this pepper also desensitizes temporarily the nerves, responsible for burning sensation.

These are two ways of treating this syndrome through the use of cayenne pepper right from your home’s comfort to avoid side effects that are unwanted. Firstly, consume capsaicin capsules right after you consulted a doctor.

Alternatively, add in a glass containing lukewarm water a ½ tsp. cayenne pepper. Use this mixture two times per day to wash the mouth for 20-40 seconds.


  1. Papaya

Papaya is one of the greatest natural remedies in the list for burning mouth syndrome you should apply consuming it for good. In fact, it has powerful enzymes which soothe the skin burning sensation and helps in healing the burns. Increase your daily intake of papaya for best results.


Do not use the papaya seeds in this home remedy

  1. Baking Soda

As mentioned earlier in treating mouth burning syndrome, baking soda is an effective method. It helps in balancing the surrounding in your mouth, stabilizes PH levels of the body and handles many other conditions that relates with acidity. Added to that, baking soda helps in supporting in fighting against the infection of mouth as well as handles the excess growth of yeast in the mouth.

Therefore, gargle your mouth with a baking soda mixture 1-2 tsp. and a cup of  filtered water. Opt to use baking soda rather than toothpaste.


  1. Sugar-Free Gum

Did you know if you chew a gum that is sugar free it can ease the burning sensation inside your mouth temporarily? Simply chew gum when your symptoms act up and you do not have time to use one of the other home remedy solutions outlined in this article.


  1. Eat Cold Foods

Eating cold foods is also advisable with burning mouth syndrome. You can even try ice cubes if the remedy isn’t working. When cold foods are consumed regularly, this may bring better outcomes when eating warm foods. Make sure to use this home remedy with others on the list to get the most out of this home remedy.


  1. Zinc

Like the deficiency of iron or vitamin B12, deficiencies of zinc have been related to mouth burning syndrome. Regular signs of the deficiency of zinc includes diarrhea, hair thinning, allergies, leaky gut, rashes, acne, the weak functioning of the immune system, and poor functioning of neurology.

For adults, the zinc RDA for women is 8 mg and for men is 11 mg. In adding to the supplement, adding foods rich in zinc in your diet is helpful. This includes grass-fed beef, lamb, chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, kefir, cashews, yogurt, and cocoa powder.


  1. Stress-Relieving Activities

Not only are depression, stress, and anxiety risk factors mouth burning syndrome, but are also common after being diagnosed. Constant pain and discomfort for a good reason exert its toll on mental health and psyche in the long run.

Taking part in activities and aerobic, exercise that includes guided meditation and yoga, helps in reducing stress load as you search for other alternative relief from symptoms.

meditation, mindfulness, calm

Try meditating for just a few minutes a day to relax

  1. Carrot Juice

Carrots are a rich wellspring of vitamin A that makes the immune system recuperate faster. Vitamin C also helps with developing of the anxiety hormones that are needed for supporting teeth, sound gums and bones. Plus, this juice is not acidic, so it shouldn’t further irritate your burning mouth symptoms.


  1. Avoid Tobacco

Try quit smoking if you do. Smoke from cigarette irritates tissues in the mouth, and it’s important to get rid of external irritants to avoid making your symptoms even worse. Smoking alternate methods such as gum or nicotine patches might help in quitting.

Some smokers opt for electronic cigarettes in helping them quit. However, this devices make irritation of oral tissue in certain people unbearable, they’re less suitable for people suffering with mouth burning syndrome.


  1. Eat Bland Foods

While most people enjoy the sensation coming from consuming peppers or spicy foods, you shouldn’t eat them if you suffer from this syndrome. Since you already have the burning feeling, consuming curries and chilies can make this condition worse.

Stick to having bland foods and keep away from irritating the oral tissue. Contents included in bland foods are milk, peanut butter, broth, breads, and cooked vegetables.

broccoli, peas, beans, carrot, steamed, high choleserol

Steamed vegetables are healthy, tasty, and work wonders for this home remedy solution

Which of these home remedies are you most likely to try? Comment with your answer below!










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