34 Home Remedies for Acid Reflux

The loop of muscle in the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) is responsible for letting the food go into your stomach, but if this muscle rests when it not supposed to, this causes acid reflux. A feeling of heartburn happens when the acid from your stomach goes back up your esophagus.

Acid reflux happens because of the acid from the stomach comes up into the long tube connecting the throat to the stomach. This condition is described by a burning pain in the lower chest area or heartburn. When you bend or lie down the pain becomes aggravated.

An acute or chronic acid reflux is also called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). In the long run, acid reflux can lead to severe health problems like Barrett’s esophagus and esophageal cancer, if it not treated. The following are some of the symptoms of acid reflux:

  • Heartburn
  • Dizziness
  • Sour taste
  • Sore throat
  • Dry cough
  • Pain in the chest  


Side Effects

Acid reflux can cause a lot of awful consequences on the different parts of the body. You can have a snoring problem, sleeping disorders, and it can possibly lead to asthma. There is also the condition dyspepsia which is difficulty in swallowing as one of the bad effects of acid reflux. Your esophagus may be inflamed and can form ulcers as well as bad breath as a result of this condition. The most serious consequences are esophageal cancer and Barrett’s Esophagus.


Home Remedies for Acid Reflux

  1. Slippery Elm

Slippery elm has a substance that soothes irritated and inflamed mucous membrane of the esophagus and the stomach lining. To use this home remedy, mix two cups of hot water with two tablespoons of powdered slippery elm bark. Leave the mixture for five minutes. Take these orally three times daily until the symptoms disappear.


  1. Sleeping Positions

Sleeping on your left-side can help alleviate acid reflux according to some studies. It was discovered that lying on your stomach or on the right side can worsen the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).


  1. Relax

Having a relaxed mind and body may be beneficial in controlling GERD since this condition can be very stressful. Thereby, helping the esophageal muscle to properly assume its role in keeping stomach acids down where they should be.

There are different ways to gain a relaxed mind and body. Doing yoga can contribute tremendously in achieving a mind and body consciousness. Quiet meditation and deep breathing are also highly recommended for this.


Practicing yoga can help to ease the mind and body

  1. Healthy Meals

It is a fact that no particular kind of food that can control acid reflux. There are trigger foods that need to be avoided when you are suffering from heartburn.  It is sometimes necessary to alter your daily diet.

A low-fat, high protein meal is highly recommended by the American Academy of Family Physicians. It is also important to lessen dietary fat in your diet and consume enough protein and fiber to keep you full to avoid overeating.


  1. Fennel

Fennel is known to help enhance digestion and control stomach agitations. This herb has an anethole substance that can aid in calming gastrointestinal tract spasms. It has also anti-inflammatory effects.

After meals, eat half a teaspoon of fennel seeds. Alternatively, you can boil in a cup of water one teaspoon of fennel seeds. Let it stand for ten minutes. Strain and drink these two or three times a day for several days.


  1. Lime

This is one of the safest and an excellent digestive home remedy that anyone can do. Drink a cup of warm water and fresh lemon juice first thing in the morning. The body will naturally balance out its acid level when you take this on an empty stomach for about twenty minutes before breakfast.  


  1. Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow has the same soothing and gentle substance like slippery elm. It safeguards the mucosal lining of the stomach and esophagus because it is rich in mucilage.

Put two tablespoons of dried marshmallow root to four cups of water. Let it soak for the whole night. Strain the mixture in the morning. Consume this a few times a day until you feel well.


  1. Licorice

Licorice tea can provide relief by creating a thin layer of mucus in the lining of the esophagus. This protects it from the acids that come from the stomach.  Simply make a tea from the licorice root. This has a calming effect and very efficient in treating acid reflux.

licorice, palsy

Licorice root

  1. Mustard

Mustard is a food which is rich in minerals. It consists of a weak acid in the form of vinegar. You can get the best result if you eat it straight. It will eventually facilitate in neutralizing the acid in the stomach because of its alkaline properties and help control the pain associated with acid reflux. Mustard can give an immediate relief when you are having, or about to have, heartburn.


  1. Carrot

Fresh carrot juice is very good for getting an immediate relief from acid reflux. You can also mix carrot juice with cabbage juice to help you control this condition. Simply drink this juice whenever you have acid reflux or heartburn.


  1. Weight Watch

You will likely suffer from heartburn when you are overweight because the added weight will put pressure on your lower esophageal sphincter. This increases your risk of GERD. Over time, the esophageal muscles loosen and become weak which can contribute to acid reflux.


  1. Cumin

Cumin is a well-reviewed home remedy that comes in handy against several ailments. The seeds assist in stimulating digestion and therefore can help to cure acid reflux. It greatly aids in digestive conditions such as acidity and gas.

To use this home remedy, take one teaspoon of cumin seeds and boil it in a cup of water. Leave it to soak for five minutes. Strain the mixture. Consume this tea in the morning and after each meal for several days on until your condition improves.

Alternatively, you can use this as a spice in your food.


  1. Amla

Amla helps in enhancing the digestion that is why it is good in preventing acid reflux. You can just eat raw amla. It is known as one of the best in treating acid reflux.

gooseberries, bedwetting, amla

Indian gooseberries are another name for amla


  1. Baking Soda

Baking soda can easily stop the painful feeling of heartburn. It’s a base substance and thus helps in controlling acid reflux. It neutralizes stomach acid because it has a pH higher than 7.0. This great in neutralizing the stomach acid when your (Lower Esophageal Sphincter) LES relaxes and the stomach acid comes up your throat that can eventually give you heartburns.

Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with a glass of fresh water. Stir it well and consume all of it.

You can keep doing this but not seven ½ teaspoon doses in a 24 hour period.


Note that baking soda is high in salt and can have side effects such as welling and nausea so; you should not use this remedy for more than a week.


  1. Honey

Honey has natural soothing properties. It helps in neutralizing the acidity in the stomach. It is particularly best as acid reflux prevention at night by consuming a spoonful of honey before you go to bed.


  1. Almonds

Simply consume some almonds after every time you eat anything. Organic almonds are recommended if it is possible to get it. Almonds are known to prevent and can give great relief for heartburn by neutralizing the juices in the stomach.

Consume 3-4 almonds every after you eat anything. Keep in mind that taking more can contribute to having heartburn.


  1. Papaya

Papaya consists of enzymes that are beneficial in the digestion process. In order to get relief from acid reflux, you can eat it this tasty fruit.


  1. Avoid Tobacco and Alcohol

To get rid of acid reflux you should stop smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. The nicotine and alcohol can greatly contribute to acid reflux by weakening your LES. It makes it easier for the stomach acid to come up to your esophagus. The best is to completely stay away from cigarettes and less alcohol. Additionally, this will eventually improve your overall wellbeing.


  1. Agrimony or Stickwort

Agrimony or stickwort is an herb which is efficient in controlling acid reflux. You can drink it with milk and your condition will surely improve.


  1. Chamomile

Drinking chamomile tea about an hour before you go to bed, is good in lessening inflammation in the stomach. It also balances the acidity levels in your body. Stress can trigger acid reflux and chamomile is known as a stress reliever. It helps in getting enough sleep and be well rested. You can use either the instant chamomile tea or you can make a fresh one.

Put in a boiling water one teaspoon of dried chamomile petals. Boil it in low heat for 45 seconds. Take out from the heat and let it stand for one or two minutes. Strain the mixture. Drink this tea with honey or lemon.


  1. Aniseed and Lavender

Aniseed and lavender is a strong mixture for acid reflux treatment. It is recommended to use only half a teaspoon. This mixture has to be consumed with distilled water.

anise, spice, belching

Star anise (aniseed) spice


  1. Digestive Enzyme Supplements

You can find plenty of enzymes in various foods. This enzyme is being destroyed when the food is cooked at a high temperature for over 116 degrees. Therefore, eating raw fruit and vegetables is an effective remedy for acid reflux as you can get substantial enzymes from them.


  1. Cardamon

Cardamon is beneficial in getting rid of acid reflux. To use this home remedy, grind two cardamon pods. Boil these in a cup of water for fifteen minutes. Strain and drink the tea whenever your acid reflux symptoms act up.


  1. Mint Leaves

Mint leaves are herbs that are easy to find and are an effective home remedy for acid reflux. Chop some mint leaves. Put it in a cup of boiling water. Consume the tea when it is cooled.


  1. Aloe Juice

Aloe is a versatile plant that has many uses. Besides from treating burns and sunburns, it actually very useful for heartburn. It is a plant that helps in reducing inflammation of the body. When the stomach gets irritated and inflamed, a glass of aloe vera juice can give you a great relief.

Before you eat your meal, drink ½ cup of aloe vera juice.

Note that aloe is a natural laxative food. Unless you needed it, you should look for a brand without the laxative component.  


  1. Loose Clothes

Wearing loose clothes is recommended when you suffer from acid reflux. Tight jeans contribute greatly in worsening the condition by the waistband sinking into your abdomen. Tight t-shirts and belts also have the same effect. Using tight clothing can add extra pressure on your lower esophageal sphincter, and, therefore, push the acid back to the esophagus resulting in acid reflux.


  1. Black Pepper

Black pepper is great in getting rid of acid reflux. It helps by stimulating the digestion process. Add it directly to your food. You can also mix it with some rock salt according to your taste. Drink this with water after meals in the morning and evening.

peppercorns, hair

Multicolored peppercorns

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a fast-acting home remedy for acid reflux. It calms the stomach and enhances digestion. Mix one tablespoon of raw organic apple cider vinegar and a cup of purified water. Drink this before you consume your meal.


  1. Chew Gum

People with chronic heartburn experience relief when they chew gum. They should chew a piece of sugar-free gum for half an hour after a meal. Chewing gum stimulates the salivary glands. It dilutes the acid that built up in the gut as it increases the flow of saliva. It eventually washes away or quickly cleared out the acid in the stomach. This helps in improving the symptoms of GERD.


  1. Track Your Triggers

Tracking what causes your heartburn is a great way to ultimately treat this condition. It takes some time, energy, and dedication to do so but it is worth doing it. Keep a record of the food you consume and when you experienced acid reflux. It is also important to include the activities and the kind of clothes you are wearing.


  1. Ginger Tea

Ginger root is a great remedy to help ease various stomach problems. It is beneficial for dizziness and acid reflux. It is helpful when you drink a cup of fresh ginger root tea about twenty minutes before a meal. Ginger effectively calms down the stomach and aids in balancing the acid in the stomach.


  1. Eating Patterns

How you consume your food can also contribute to having an acid reflux. Do not take large portions when you eat. It is better to eat smaller bites and chew slowly. This will give time to your stomach to digest well your food, and it also helps in lessening the production of acid in your bowels.


  1. Bananas

Bananas help in balancing the acid in the stomach. It is a natural antacid. This is a very simple home remedy for heartburn. First of all, ripen up well some bananas. Eat this one at a time daily.


  1. Apples

This is a tasty home remedy. Just eat a delicious apple about two hours before you go to sleep. This can give you relief and reduce the discomfort from acid reflux.

apple, fruit, acid reflux

Any type of apple should do the trick for this home remedy

Which of these home remedies are you most likely to use? Comment with your answer below!












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