37 Home Remedies for Candida

Candida has an organic presence in human physiology and can be found in the hidden parts of the body. It is seen on the skin as well as mouth and the digestive tracts. In women, it can also be present in the vagina. Candida in the vagina leads to white discharge and itching.

If candida infection occurs on the skin it will be seen as blisters and rashes. This can be along the folds of the inner or outer organ covering. Candida in the mouth is oral thrush and it leads to patches or white coating that is identifiable.



The causes of candida can be varied but it is more likely to occur whenever there is weakening of the human immune system.  It can also result when antibiotics are put to use over a long period. Pregnancy and use of birth control medications can also lead to its proliferation. The fungus that spreads candida is most likely to be seen in moist parts of the body that are warm.



When candida infection is commonplace, fatigue will result alongside poor memory as well as irritability and lightheartedness. Some other common symptoms of candida are listed below.


Home Remedies for Candida

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar (ACV)  is a good way to try gain control of candida, but never apply the vinegar straight to the inflamed areas, as it is very strong.  Rather add a cup each of ACV and salt to a lukewarm bath submerge your body in the water.

One can also mix a few drops in an anti-fungal cream and apply it topically to affected areas. Try to use original organic apple cider vinegar and not the usual white vinegar available commercially at supermarkets.

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  1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains two powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal ingredients, namely lauric acid and caprylic acid.  This makes it remarkably effective in treating candida at home.

For the relief of symptoms and to help fight the infection, apply coconut oil to the infected are three to four times daily. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature so place some in a bowl over a pot of boiling water on the stove. Allow it to melt to a liquid which would be easier to apply.  Test the temperature to ensure it is not too hot before applying to the skin. Coconut oil can also be taken orally, for effective results ingest between two and three teaspoons per day.


  1. Tea Tree Oil

The tea tree oil is highly effective at combating most skin abrasions and infections and can definitely be used in the treatment of candida. Add a couple drops of tea tree oil to water and use the mixture to thoroughly clean your vagina every day and you should achieve successful results quickly. One can also apply a few drops of diluted tea tree oil directly to the infected areas. This is because tea tree oil has powerful anti-fungal properties and could successfully treat and cure the candida.


  1. Calendula

Calendula can be taken orally as a tea or applied directly to infected areas. Be sure to only use the amount directed as applying calendula too heavily can cause the skin infections to ooze and weep and this aggravates the candida. This treatment will minimize the pain and discomfort of the infection as well as clear it up.


  1. Potassium Permanganate

Potassium permanganate is a great treatment for candida. Dissolve the crystals or one tablet in a liter of boiling water. Allow cooling. Apply between three and four times per day to get the best results.


  1. Ventilation

In order to minimize and heal the infection as well as prevent further occurrences, one should ventilate the vagina as often as possible, if that’s where the candida is.  Avoid tight-fitting synthetic underwear. Do your bit and be sure to keep the vagina as dry as possible, except when you are having sex.

underwear, candida

As cute as these underwear are, it’s best not to wear this kind of panty until you are cleared of your candida

  1. Glycerine Wash

Cleaning the areas thoroughly with glycerine soap as opposed to normal soap has proven to be of more benefit in curing candida.  This is an important step in ensuring that the infection is contained within the vagina and doesn’t spread throughout the body.

It is optimal to use lukewarm water when cleaning the vagina with glycerine soap instead of normal cleansers. Be sure to rinse the area thoroughly after using any soaps or cleansers.


  1. Avoid Irritants

There is a class of irritants that could worsen the condition and it is advisable to avoid them. These include baby wipes, condoms, extra-active soaps, bubble baths, and certain sprays used for better hygiene.

Eliminating irritants often eliminate candida so that there won’t be a need for medical care. You need to wash your vagina properly when you pee to eliminate urine traces.


  1. Sugar Intake

Recent research reports show that this condition is common with diabetes and it will do them a lot of good to avoid sugars. Often, skin infections that affect this class of persons will go away when they stick to medications and do away with sugar.


  1. Hand Washing

Be sure to wash your hands properly as you proceed to the toilet as chemical and bacteria on the hands can worsen your infection. Obviously, wash your hands thoroughly afterward as well.


11. Avoid Certain Foods

Some meals lead to irritation during a bowel movement that ultimately causes anal itching. Knowing the kind of foods that can result in this condition makes it easy to avoid the unpleasant outcomes. When you already feel discomfort, avoid:

  • Coffee, chocolate, soda, tea and other alcoholic beverages
  • Jalapenos, peppers, and other spicy foods
  • Oranges, lemons, and other citrus fruits


11. Oatmeal

Oatmeal has soothing, anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation elements that will heal itchy skin and eliminate signs of inflammation. Add two cups of raw oatmeal to lukewarm water in a bathtub. Be immersed in it for the next twenty minutes. Do this twice daily for fast relief.

oats, dark spots

It is best to use steel cut or old fashioned oats, rather than instant oatmeal

  1. Epsom Salt Baths

Epsom salt is effective for dealing with fungi infections and can eliminate psoriasis and eczema. Fungal infection symptoms are relieved with Epsom salt treatments. To use this treatment, mix two cups of Epsom salts in a warm bath of water. Soak in this bath for twenty minutes. Do this three times a week until your candida clears up.


  1. Psyllium Husks

A tablespoon of this husk along with a glass of milk that is heated will be a worthy relief.  A curd of milk mixed with a tablespoon of husks will also do well against symptoms of candida. Take this mix twice daily. Your reproductive tract will be cleansed by psyllium husks and the bacteria responsible for the itch will be eliminated.


  1. Sit Less Often

Avoid long hours in a sitting position so that you don’t put excessive pressure on your crotch. This is especially important for people who are overweight. Sweat easily accumulates around your bum when you are in the same spot for long. When you are at work, and this happens, your clothes can stick to your bum, leading to inflammation or irritation.

For those with sedentary habits, take a break and walk at intervals. You need to keep walking for a while so that blood flow can be enhanced around your vulva ends.

15. Avoid Steroid Creams

Steroid creams are hyperactive and can lead to skin damage when used on sensitive spots leading to cracks and thinness. If your skin is open due to wounds, do not use these creams so that other infections do not result. Severe inflammation can also result from steroid cream use. They are to be avoided on young children completely.


  1. Sodium Borate

This remedy has been proven to cure fungal infections for ages. Dissolve a teaspoon of sodium borate in a liter of boiled water. Once cooled, store in a container with a cover or lid and apply a small amount at every wash.


  1. Water

Water expedites the expelling of unwanted elements from your body stream and should be generously consumed. Eight glasses of water a day is an essential flush that will rid you of toxins and unhealthy bacteria. Wash your anus cleanly and make sure that it is free of feces. The cleaner your rear ends are, the better for your vaginal health.

water, drink, dandruff

Drink filtered and purified water for the best results

  1. Yogurt

Probiotic yogurt that has good bacteria is recommended for use to control the infection growth on the affected site. When itching occurs, plain and unsweetened yogurt is best used as it serves as a remedy for this and other yeast infections.

Apply plain yogurt to the affected spot and wash off in the morning or after thirty minutes. Use warm water to rinse off and dry the site.

As a snack, three cups of unsweetened yogurt should be eaten every day.


  1. Avoid Using Harsh Products

The vagina is home to natural lubricants that keep the yeast in its natural state and prevents its proliferation. There are a number of feminine hygiene soaps that are also extreme and they denature the natural oils.

The use of douches, perfumes and associated sprays will dampen the natural protective effect of the oils. Keep to natural hygiene products to avoid adverse effects associated with a number of cosmetics.


  1.  Garlic

Garlic has strong antibiotic antifungal and infection-fighting properties that have been used in medicine for centuries.  This makes garlic a great home remedy for the treatment of candida. Garlic also contains high amounts of vitamin C, which will assist in strengthening the immune system and help your body fight the infection. To use this home remedy, eat two cloves a day, every day for a week.


21. Fiber Intake

Constipation is a means of worsening your fungi infections and it is better to have it prevented than cured. An increase in your fiber consumption is recommended when you are constipating and this will expedite digestion and promote soft stooling.

Eat more of carrots, prunes, fresh fruits, peas, broccoli, quinoa, and brown rice. Increase your consumption of leafy greens and pumpkin as well.


  1. Thyme

Thyme is a well-reviewed anti-inflammatory agent and it is capable of anesthetizing nerve endings so that inflammation is stymied. A tablespoon scoop of thyme leaves in dried form should be steeped in warm water measured in two cups. Use a clean fabric to drain this water and place on the irritated spot. Repeat this process a couple of times daily for relief.


Fresh thyme

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is an anti-inflammatory, calming and soothing herb which relieves irritation from any causal agent. To take advantage of this remedy, you need to uncover the core of the aloe vera leaf and extract the gel. Rub this gel on your vagina and massage for about five minutes. Repeat this procedure after a few hours to relieve the symptoms of candida.


  1. Exercise and Diet

When you consume healthy meals like nuts, vegetables, and seeds, you will be able to keep the yeast in your body under control. Remember that sugars have to be kept off-limits, while carbs should be minimized. A mix of the right meals and regular exercise will tone your body the right way and equalize your hormones.  You can be sure of a better mood boost when you add a regular dose of exercise to the mix.


  1. Burdock Root Tea

Burdock root is reputed for its rich anti-fungal properties. This plant is proven to have a purifying effect on the bloodstream and this stands out as a reason to consume it. The buildup of toxins is stymied when you consume burdock tea and then there is an expedited outflow from your bloodstream as you take this remedy.

To use this home remedy, put two tablespoons of burdock root into a cup of boiling water. Allow the mixture to steep for fifteen minutes. When the time is up, filter out the root and drink the tea. Do this three times a day to get the best results, but do not drink all three cups in one sitting.


  1. Milk Mix

If your vagina itches, you can use a milk mix to get some respite. The use of a milk bath is one way to douse any inflammation. Milk has loads of inflammation and microbe busters and like honey; it will soften and moisturize itchy and dry skin.

Honey and milk should be mixed in equal measures and rubbed on the affected spot. Wash off after twenty minutes. Do this as often as needed to get relief.


  1. Ginger

Ginger is a fantastic home treatment for candida.  It can simply be grated and added into curries, stews, and stir-fry dishes as a healthy flavor enhancer.  Ginger also makes a delicious tea which is easily prepared by boiling ginger in water for a few minutes before straining and drinking.

As with garlic, ginger has strong antibacterial properties. In a few cases, ginger has been known to cause heartburn and this may be something to mention to your healthcare provider.

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  1. Angelica Root

Angelica root is an herb with powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to treat candida. It might, however, lead to reactions if you have other health challenges or you are using a long-term medication. Please remember to consult with your healthcare provider before pursuing this treatment.

The effect can be maximized by consuming it as tea. Get the powdered root. Use a teaspoon measure in a glass of warm water. Sweeten with manuka honey using a teaspoon measure. Drink this tea once a day, every day, until you see results.


  1. Goldenseal

Goldenseal is reputed for its effect on skin disorder and allied digestive maladies. It is widely renowned for battling a series of ailments as well as yeast overgrowth. One of the active ingredients in goldenseal is the alkaloid known as berberine and it is excellent at stymying candida proliferation. It also helps to regulate the level of blood sugar. When sugar levels increase candida growth results with its negative effects. Overall, berberine will boost your body immunity by activating white blood cells.

Goldenseal can be consumed using its root extract. Add three drops of goldenseal syrup to a glass of warm water and drink. Once a day dosage is the start point. This can be increased to twice a day by the third day of use.


High dosage is discouraged as it is harmful to the liver. Patients on blood thinners should use medical advice before taking this remedy.


  1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon also is abuzz with eugenol and is as such, a good antifungal agent. When you use cinnamon, many variants of candida can be remedied even when they are resistant to a couple of medication. The Cinnamomum zelanicum variant is more reputed to actively check candida than the grocery store blend.

Fetch some sticks of cinnamon. Immerse in water and boil for the next thirty minutes. Allow the mix to cool. Strain and use as tea. Drink this tea once a day until your candida is cured.


  1. Lemongrass Oil

Candida infection appears as a film of slime as it grows and proliferates. This outer cover becomes a resistance to some prescription drugs and prevents the core yeasts cells from getting eliminated. Organic remedies like essential oils are active in destroying the biofilm so that the yeast cells can be eliminated.

Measure a teaspoon of coconut oil. Add two drops of lemongrass oil to it. Use this thrice daily by oral intake. Best recommended for adults and older kids above six years old.

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  1. Echinacea

This remedy is recommended for many ailments and other health maladies. There are many anti-inflammatory properties in this herb that eliminates fungi, bacteria, and other germs. It is abuzz with immune agents that help to put your physiology in a better stead.

For topical use for oral infections, get the echinacea tincture from a health store. Dab a cotton ball in it. Place on the affected gum.

Alternatively, get a glass of water. Fetch Echinacea extracts. Measure 3 ml of the extract and add to the glass of water. Drink this daily.


  1. Triphala

Triphala can help remedy the effects of candida as it is proven to contain anti-fungal properties. Measure triphala using half teaspoon fill. Immerse in the glass of water. Drink every day till the symptoms are eliminated.


  1. Cruciferous Vegetables

The likes of brussels, kale, and broccoli are members of this class of veggies and are noted for their isothiocyanates content. This compound boosts body immunity and gets rid of candida cells. You can also make use of lettuce, particularly the flavorful arugula species, as it is full of antifungal agents too.

To maximize the effects of this remedy, prepare a salad dressing made up of ACV, honey, coconut oil, and lemon toppings. This antifungal punch is an excellent recommendation for candida riddance.


  1. Margosa

The margosa mix is made with coconut oil. It can be used topically or used as a tea. Get an equal mix of margosa and coconut oil. Apply on the affected spot.


  1. Pau d’arco

The use of this remedy is proven to be effective for remedying yeast infections as it has been put to use by South American natives over the years. It can be applied orally or in tinctures to procure the effects. A daily dosage that is recommended is a quarter measure of a teaspoon. Regular use is advised when candida symptoms are now visible. It can also be used as a preventive measure.


  1. Grapefruit Seed Extract

The extracts from the grapefruit seed are rich in antifungal properties. The presence of antioxidants and other flavonoids makes it excellent as an immune booster. Consuming this will help to repair ailing liver cells and break down any resistance by candida cells.

There are extracts of this remedy that can be bought from the health stores and it is also available in a capsule. The syrup can be used by adding water measured in 8 ounces to ten drops of the extracts. Drink daily till the symptoms are eliminated.

grapefruit, seed, candida

If you cannot obtain grapefruit seed oil, try eating grapefruits instead

Do you know of any other great home remedies for this ailment? Is so, comment below!











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