15 Home Remedies for a Dry Nose

A dry nose is not always a symptom of disease as it might result in a direct reaction to extreme weather conditions. When it is winter, the dry air impacts human skin and organs in such a way that moisture loss is unavoidable.

A dry nose that is left untreated can lead to headaches and severe discomfort. At other times, blurry sight might result when the dryness is allowed to persist.  Since the condition is not difficult to remedy, it is better to give immediate attention to the patient when it results.

cry, child, nosebleed, snot

A dry nose can affect anyone!

Causes of Dry Nose

  • Chronic atrophic rhinitis
  • Reaction to medications
  • Sjogren’s Syndrome
  • Malnutrition
  • Medicated Nasal sprays
  • Extreme weather
  • Sleep Apnea
water, drink, dandruff, Fibromyalgia

Pretty much anything that causes dehydration can also cause a dry nose.

Who is Affected?

Dry nose affects people of all ages. Some people might be more exposed to nose dryness than others.  Let us look closely at the risk groups:

Ailing people

When people are sick, they are more likely to be exposed to factors that will result in a dry nose. Since this is not a normal condition, poor metabolism can be a trigger for it.


For kids, any bout of sickness can lead to a dry nose. This is as a result of low immunity in kids and their body system is easily exposed to ravages of an ailment. Kids are also very active, and this can lead to skin and nose dryness when they are dehydrated.


Poor water consumption in adults can also lead to dryness of the skin and nose. Exertion is a factor in skin dryness and lack of moisture in parts of the body.

Home Remedies for a Dry Nose

  1. Apply Vaseline

Baby oil or Vaseline can be used to lubricate the nose. This will help to bring moisture to the underlying cells in the nose. Moisture is needed in the nasal cavity as dryness can lead to bleeding as a result of forced wheezing. Just rub this on and around your nose as often as needed to use this home remedy.


  1. Fruits and Veggies

Many fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of water. By simply eating some watery fruits and vegetables, you can hydrate your body from the inside out, which can work to cure your dry nose. Some great examples of fruits and vegetables that can help include cucumber, watermelon, kiwi, strawberry, tomato, and citrus fruits.


  1. Sauna

When dry nose occurs, the effect can be minimized or reversed with sauna sessions. When exposed to a sauna, your body system is given a lift so that the body oils are energized to come to the surface. Anyone in a sauna will see the immediate effect after a few minutes as sweat is energized and the oils pour out all over the skin. Do not overuse this remedy as a once a month treat is recommended.


The steam in the sauna is what really helps.

  1. Soup

You can manage your dry nose by consuming soups as they contain minerals, water, and fluids.  The main component of broths and soups comes from fruits and veggies. It is best to eat at least one bowl a soup a day. Any watery soup will work for this home remedy.


  1. Coconut Water

If you do not like the taste of normal tap water, consider drinking coconut water to treat your dry nose. Unlike plain tap water, coconut water contains some natural sugars and calories. So, if your dry nose is accompanied by symptoms that make you lose your appetite, drinking coconut water can help.


  1.  Water

Water is taken for granted in many parts of the world because it is easy to access. However, for people who live in climes where clean water is difficult to access, it is a different ball game. To handle a dry nose, the simplest approach is to ensure steady water intake. This is the most during the day when people are active and likely to exert themselves.

The average person is meant to drink about eight glasses daily for optimal hydration at adulthood. When dry nose sets in, more water intake should be ensured for people who live in the tropics and other humid climes, more water, and steady intake must be ensured.

The fallacy to avoid here is the thinking that cold water at its extreme gives better hydration. However, water that is near room temperature is recommended for better hydration.


  1. Lemon Water

Like plain tap water and coconut water, lemon water is refreshing and hydrating. Adding lemon juice to your water adds a little bit of flavor as well. To make your own lemon water, slice your lemon and juice it. You can also flavor it with honey, salt, or black pepper. Drink each day if your dry nose is mild. Extreme dry nose calls for repeated use a couple of times daily.

Lemon, water, mint, bad breath

Adding mint to your lemon water can make it even more refreshing.

  1.  Almond Oil

Almonds have the overall effect of giving you a sheen that is desirable. Eating the fruits is recommended but the oil is also a man’s best friend.Add some almond oil to castor and olive oil. Rub this mixture on your face and skin. Next, use a cotton ball to trap the oil. Rub the cotton ball inside the nostril. Your nose will be lubricated. Do this every day for a week to both treat and prevent a dry nose.

  1. Stop Teas and Coffee

Even though tea and coffee are liquids, they don’t actually do much to help to hydrate your body. This is because they have, which is a diuretic. So, while you have a dry nose, it is best to avoid drinking tea and coffee. The best bet is to avoid these drinks for a week.


  1. Barley Water

Barley water might be less known to be in use as a hydration ingredient like coconut and banana or yogurt but it is healthy for your body. Regular use of this will eclipse dry nose and help your digestion. Barley has been consumed across the ages and is rich in selenium, phosphorus, copper, vitamins niacin, magnesium and other minerals.  The antioxidant levels are well-reviewed and proven.

Drop some barley into simmering water. Leave for the next 40 minutes to boil. Strain thereafter. Sweeten with honey or lemon juice. Drink each day to boost your hydration.

Barley, grain, high cholesterol

Barely is a grain, much like wheat.

  1. Icy Drinks

It is not difficult to have a refreshing ice effect to reduce the occurrence of a dry nose. Leave a bit of water at the base of a water bottle and refrigerate. When you are on the move, fetch the bottle and top with water. Drink as often as you need and stay hydrated.


  1. Oral Rehydration

What leads to dry nose includes loss of fluids minerals and water in the human body. Knowing that the loss of water easily occurs makes it necessary to consider the cheap option of making oral rehydration solution. This can be made using a simple mix of salt and sugar in water.

Make sure that you prepare your mix properly and stir to combine as desired. This should be taken a couple of times each day. Continue using this home remedy until your symptoms are gone.

  1. Steam Inhalation

Steam inhalation will give a similar effect like sauna sessions. Boil water in a pot or kettle. Pour the water into a bucket or bathroom tub. Place your head over it. Make sure there is a towel placed over your head to trap the steam. Repeat this twice a day for two days. You should feel much better afterward.


  1. Sports Drinks

Sport drinks are a rich hydration source that supplies essential minerals and potassium to your body stream. They are reputed to be rich in electrolytes. They might not be suitable for kids and should only be so used based on other alternates.

Powerade and the likes have lesser electrolytes and this is while pickle juice and pickles are preferred. They particularly help out with cramping by relaxing the muscles. For the purpose of rehydration, they contain acetic acid that is superior to that found in other commercial drinks meant for sports people.

Since side effects have also been noted when other sports drink are used excessively, it is better to use them along with water and not over-indulge in their consumption.


  1. Glycerin

Glycerin is an excellent moisturizer and is healthy for human use. This can give you some relief from a dry nose. It only has to be used in moderation as overuse can lead to a burning tinge in your nostrils.

To use this home remedy, begin by putting some glycerin into a glass. Mop it up with a cotton swab. Slant your head backward. Place the cotton by your nose. Squeeze gently till the oils flow into your nose and moisturize it. Repeat the next day and stop. Your nose will be moisturized after this.


Liquid glycerin will work best for this home remedy.

Which of these home remedies will you use to treat your dry nose? Comment below!










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