Top 10 Home Remedies For A Stuffy Nose

Having a stuffy nose is more irritating than it is harmful. Usually while coming down with cold and cough, sneezing or strep throat, stuffy noses seem to get in the way. Be it a runny nose or a stuffy nose, both are equally annoying conditions.

Follow these simple natural home remedies that give you instant cures to get rid of your stuffy nose.

#1. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil can be used in many ways as a home remedy for stuffy nose. One way to do this is to put a little dab of peppermint oil under your nose. If this scent is too much for you, then you can dilute the peppermint oil a little with water, but it really shouldn’t be that big of an issue.

The oil can help to open up your sinuses. While this may make your nose run more at first, it should also help to get rid of the mucus that is making your nose run faster than it would go away on its own.

Stuffy Nose


#2. Drink Tea

No matter what is causing your stuffy nose, drinking warm tea is a great way to natural home remedy for your stuffy nose. Most kinds of teas work for a stuffy nose. Depending on what is causing your stuffy nose, different things can help.

If your stuffy nose is caused by allergies, then you might want to try fennel tea. If your stuffy nose is caused by a cold, then you might want to try ginger tea.

#3. Pollen Allergies

Pollen allergies can be a major annoyance, and a large cause of stuffy noses. Luckily, there are some easy ways to avoid pollen, thus avoiding a stuffy nose. The easiest way to do this is to cover your nose and mouth when you go outside.

Wearing a scarf is a great way to do this. Wearing large hats, sunglasses, and clothes that cover most of your skin is also a great way to avoid having pollen get on your skin and cause you problems.

#4. Tea Kettles

Now, tea kettles can be used in other ways besides making tea. When tea kettles boil water, they let steam in the air. This works much in the same way as a humidifier does.

By putting steam into the air, it makes the air more moist, which can help a stuffy nose. This home remedy helps when you are trying to take a nap.

#5. Stay Hydrated

While it is important to stay hydrated while you are healthy, it is especially important to drink water while you are feeling under the weather. Try to drink at least eight glasses of water a day while you still have a stuffy nose.

When you get thirsty drink water instead of a sugary beverage. The more sugar you cut down, the more it can help to keep you hydrated and healthy.

#6. Chicken Soup

Sorry vegetarians and vegans, just skip along to the next step. Along with being a great way to keep your body hydrated, chicken soup is one of the best home remedies for a stuffy nose.

Some studies even show that drinking chicken soup can help to reduce mucus production. Since mucus is your main problem here, this can be a great way to help fix your stuffy nose.

#7. Eat Spicy Foods

Along with being delicious, spicy food can help to make your nose run. While runny noses aren’t a great thing, it is a great way to get rid of the congestion in your nose. If you have a cold that already has a runny nose, it would be better to avoid this step.

#8. Avoid Dairy

Dairy products produce more mucus. This will only make your nose all the more stuffy and make you all the more congested. It is best to cut all dairy out of your diet for the duration of your cold.

#9. Neti Pots

Neti is one of best natural remedies in yoga therapy for a stuff nose. Put two cups of warm water and a teaspoon of sea salt into your neti pot to set it up. Unless you are willing to make a mess, it would be best to do this over a sink or bathtub. Tip the spout of the net pot into one nostril and tip your head so that the water comes out of the other nostril.

This will probably feel a little weird, and if it does then that means that you’re doing it right. Be careful not to tip your head too far back, as this might cause the water to go down your throat and make you start to choke a little. Once you do this, do it again with the other nostril. Do this as often as you need to.

#10. Allergy Pills

To get quick and easy results, there’s always allergy pills. Even if your stuffy nose isn’t caused by allergies, the pills can still help. Remember to only take as much as box or bottle recommends, as often as it recommends.

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