Top 10 Home Remedies for Blepharitis

An irritating inflammation of the eye, blepharitis, an infection of the eyelid, is usually caused by issues in the oil glands o the eyelid. It can cause redness, itching, and a crusting over of the eyes. While this can be painful and embarrassing, there are several simple ways of treating it right in your own home. Here are our top ten home remedies for blepharitis.



Ensuring proper cleaning of the eye will ensure fast healing and reduce the spread of blepharitis. Use a warm towel to wipe the effected area. Gently cleaning will remove excess oil and dry skin which form as a result of blepharitis. Be sure to clean multiple times a day.


Grated potato can actually prove to be a great remedy for blepharitis. The potato will help to reduce inflammation and sooth the painful eye area. It should also reduce itching and provide relief. Grated or sliced potato can be applied directly to the eyelid, and left for about 20 minutes. The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities help to heal the infection, and calm painful symptoms.

Petroleum Jelly

Applying the jelly to the eyelid and especially along the lash line can help to heal blepharitis. Ensure to coat the whole are and let sit a few minutes before thoroughly washing eyes with warm water. The petroleum jelly will kill of any lice or bacteria that can sometimes be the cause of the blepharitis, as well as heal dry flakey skin by sealing in moisture.


This healing herb can help to treat blepharitis. Apply a wet chamomile tea bag directly to the eyelid. The chamomile will help sooth the painful irritated skin, and the warm compress will help to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoo is a great home remedy for blepharitis as it is essentially a very mild soap. Further dilute the shampoo with water before applying to the eye. Using a clean cloth dipped in the shampoo mixture, gently rub it over the eyelids and eyelashes. This will help to clean the eye, remove excess flakey skin, and should help to reduce inflammation.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a great way to soothe painful irritated skin. When it comes to blepharitis it’s no exception, and makes an excellent home remedy. Regularly applying oil with a clean cloth or cotton bud several times a day can help to reduce symptoms and speed healing.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a great home remedy for blepharitis. Dilute the tea tree oil with any other mild oil before applying to the eyelid. Dip a clean cloth or cotton ball into the oil and gently rub onto the eyelid for ten minutes. Though there may be a tingling feeling after applying, the oil should help to reduce inflammation and itchy skin, as well as help to speed along the healing process.

Castor Oil

Castor oil will help to reduce the symptoms of blepharitis. It works to reduce swelling and irritation, as well as soothe itchy and painful skin. Dip a cotton ball into the oil and rub it across to eyelid. If possible, carefully place the cotton bud across the inner side of the eyelid, being sure not to touch the eyeball directly.

Black Currant Oil

Like many oils, black currant oil can be a great home remedy for blepharitis. Rather than direct application, however, black currant oil should be taken in supplement form. The oil supplements help to restore moisture to the body and skin – very helpful as blepharitis often means a drying out of the skin around the eyes.

Primrose Oil

Primrose oil, like black currant oil, helps to resort moisture to hair and skin. Mix the oil with a bit of warm water and dip a clean cloth or cotton ball into it. Rub this over the eyelids to remove scale rough skin. Repeat this twice daily.

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