30 Home Remedies for Bladder Infections

The bladder gets infected when bacteria gets into the urethra. The presence of the bacteria leads to body-immune reaction to flush out the foreign body. However, bacteria can attach itself to the bladder wall and if that happens, they will multiply rapidly, which causes bladder infections.

The multiplication of the bacteria leads to a defeat of the body immune system, which will lead to noticeable symptoms. When this happens, a urinalysis is normally carried out to determine the infection responsible for the symptoms.

Some procedures are also performed through the urine culture to isolate the nature of bacteria. The determination of the exact bacteria will enable the performance of an antibiotic sensitivity test. This is to enable the doctor to pick on the best treatment regimen to apply.



The most common symptoms of bladder infections are most evident when a person uses the toilet. Some of the most common symptoms are listed below.

  • Burning sensation
  • Pains
  • Blood in the urine
  • Frequent urination
  • Foul smell
  • Urgency to urinate
  • Lower back cramps
  • Lower abdomen cramps

The spread of the infection leads to pains along the mid-back section and should be differentiated from muscular pains. The persistence of these pains defies whatever position you take.


Home Remedies for Bladder Infections

  1. Horseradish

This herb is native to Europe and is very similar to cabbage. It has a pungent and spicy aroma that clears the sinus of any infection. The core compound in this herb is reputed for the effectual antimicrobial effects. This ingredient kills bacteria by destroying its constituent cellular membrane.

To use this home remedy, all you need to do is eat two teaspoons of horseradish each day. Make sure to have a drink of water or milk after eating the horseradish so you do not get an upset stomach. Eat this each day until you no longer have a bladder infection.

Horseradish, bladder, crystilis, hay fever

Top your meals with horseradish as a tasty way to incorporate it into your diet

  1. Probiotics

The use of probiotics is recommended to stymie any proliferation of microorganisms in the bladder. Unchecked growth can lead to further illness and should be avoided. Healthy bacteria will sprout when probiotics are consumed while beneficial bacteria get destroyed by the use of antibiotics.  Normal yeast found in the human body is enabled to optimal levels with the use of this remedy. The foods that aid in this laudable outcome include probiotic yogurt, kombucha, kefir, and raw cheese.


  1. Water

Staying well hydrated and drinking lots of glasses of water is helpful to flush out any bacteria that cause bladder infections. Drinking water also helps as the fluid can be released when one passes urine.


  1. Hot-water Bottle

Like for most stomach related pain, holding a water bottle to one’s tummy can help bladder infection sufferers. The pain endured whilst urinating is too overwhelming as bladder muscles contract to release the urine thus making the tummy cramp. Applying warmth to the bladder muscle relieves the muscles.


  1. Lemon and Tartar

This time-honored remedy has been used for several centuries by many indigenous cultures in various parts of the world. The remedy has been proven to produce lasting impact and healing. The mix impacts the urine PH so that bacteria will be taken out of balance by the changes. This makes it easier for the bacteria to be expelled. Lime juice can be used in place of lemon and you can be assured that this will produce the healing effect.

To use this home remedy, dissolve 1 1/2 teaspoons of cream of tartar in a cup of warm water. Mix in a teaspoon of lemon OR lime juice. Drink this mixture twice a day. This home remedy not only helps to treat bladder infections but also to prevent them.


  1. Avoiding Bath Additives

While baths are a good cure, the baths should be filled only with water and bubbles, deodorants or fragranced soaps should not be used in the bath. Only when prescribed by the doctor should something be added to the warm water else nothing ought to be added to the water as it may worsen the condition.


A bath that simply has warm water and nothing else will be the most beneficial

  1. Dietary Changes

When choosing what to eat one should steer clear of any foods that may aggravate the bladder. While drinking liquids to flush away bacteria is important, it is still best to stay away from alcohol, fizzy drinks, citrus, and caffeine.

Be wary of foods that are rich in vitamin C. The intake of spicy foods and spices, tomatoes, pickled foods and artificial sweeteners should also be monitored and eliminated. Be aware of foods that may cause bladder irritation so that these foods can be avoided in the future.


  1. Dress comfortably

As simple a thing as wearing loose clothes is important when battling bladder infections. Tights clothes and belts hurt the abdomen and should not be worn.


  1. Fermented Foods

Just like probiotic foods, fermented foods allows the natural flora in the body to be revived. Thus, through the consumption of fermented foods, beneficial bacteria is replaced in the bladder and fights off harm causing bladder infections.


  1. Avoid Spermicidal

Spermicidal support bacterial growth. Research has proven that women contract bladder infections in cases where spermicidal has been used. The use of un-lubricated condoms was found to be an irritant as well as promoted bacterial growth.  Staying clear of using either is best. This can also help to prevent future bladder infections.


  1. Reduce Stress

Stress will further cause strain on someone already dealing with a bladder infection. It is advisable to recognize sources of stress and avoid them so as to reduce to the bare any other impacting scenario. Stress relief procedures like visualization and meditation can help alleviate stress.

Yoga, arthritis in the legs, autoimmune disorder

Even doing simple exercises like yoga can help to keep your body in shape and your mind relaxed

  1. Exercise

Being active and doing basic stretches helps eliminate the case of contracting bladder infection symptoms. Exercise is a wellness remedy and has a variety of input for healthy living. Try to exercise for at least half an hour a day.


  1. Quitting Smoking

Smoking is a cause of bladder cancer and should be avoided altogether. Smoking tends to agitate conditions and surely does no good if you care about healthy living.


  1. Crataeva

This is noted for its body cleansing effects and is well-referenced in several home remedies WebPages. Crataeva is another ingredient that works wonders for the bladder and can be contained in tablets or drunk in a tea. Drink this tea once a day to get the best results.


15. Ginger Tea

Teas also have healing properties for inflammation of any sort and ginger tea is a miracle worker. There are no side effects linked to having ginger tea and drinking this tea prevents the prostaglandins from carrying messages of swelling to the neurons hence minimizing swelling. Drink ginger tea up to three times a day to get the best results.


  1. Blueberries

Like cranberries, blueberries can also be used to treat bladder infections. Since blueberry juice cannot be purchased as simply as cranberry juice, fresh blueberries can be eaten instead.  Two cups of blueberries should be eaten daily or blueberries can be combined with apple or other juices.

blueberries, berries, fiber, facial paralysis

A serving size of blueberries is one cup

  1. D-mannose

D-mannose is said to be a sugar contained in most fruits like blueberries and apples as well. This helpful sugar sticks to E. coli bacteria provoking them to join and pushes them away from the bladder walls.

In situations where one is more prone to contracting bladder infection, it is advisable to eat these fruits to avoid urinal contraction. It is good to eat these beneficial fruits before having sex or when taking antibiotics for a long haul.


  1. Parsley Water

Diuretics contained in parsley water pushes the amount of sodium that the kidneys release during urination. With the release of sodium, water is also released lowering bodily fluids. When parsley water is drunk both sodium and water is drawn out of the body through urination and as such it forces one to urinate more often.

Parsley water can be easily made by boiling one or more cups of water. A cup of parsley should be added into the pan of boiling water. The parsley should be given time to soak in the water before the water is drained. Parsley water can be drunk as a hot drink or as a chilled one.


  1. Celery Seeds

Celery seeds bare diuretic properties.  Munching on celery seeds ought to do the trick of causing one to urinate more. Like parsley water, celery seed water is also an option but preferably it is easier to eat the seeds as a snack throughout the day.


  1. Cucumbers

Cucumber is filled with water and having cucumber slices helps to enrich bodily fluids. A washed cucumber slice does the trick efficiently. Simply add cucumber slices to your salads, sandwiches, or eat them as a snack to gain their bladder infection-fighting health benefits.


  1. Asparagus

Like ginger, asparagus too contains diuretics. It helps by getting rid of the bacteria along with water and salt by forcing the kidneys to secrete. Asparagus in one’s diet alone cannot work well unless many glasses of water are consumed alongside. Having water in the body promotes the asparagus to work.

asparagus, CP, Dysuria, breast cancer

Raw asparagus or cooked asparagus will work well for this home remedy

  1. Cranberry Products

Cranberry has always been raved about as the best alternative to stop bladder infections. Cranberries should not be consumed when using antibiotics. Only cranberry juices can be drunk along with antibiotic usage. Cranberry contains the D-mannose sugar which assists in curing bladder infections. Drink a cup of this juice each day to cure your bladder infection.


  1. Garlic

One of the noted ingredients in garlic is Allicin. When this herb gets freshly crushed, the active ingredient is Allicin. It impacts on the activities of antimicrobial organisms in their variety. This remedy is found to be effectual against many drug-resistant strains of bacteria and e-coli. The reputed antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties of garlic are well-publicized and founded in medical research. Add more of this food to your diet to gain its health benefits.


  1. Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow is best known for its use in attractive snacks. However, the root of this herb is a worthy treatment that can be used to heal the bladder and douse any swelling. It is available from health stores in tincture as well as tea form. This will reinforce the inner linings of the bladder when used as a tea.

To use this home remedy, add a tablespoon of marshmallow root powder to a cup of boiling water. Allow the water to simmer for five minutes. When the time is up, strain out the root and allow the drink to cool. Drink this three times a day to get the best results.


  1. Drumstick Flowers

The use of drumstick flowers is known to impact bladder infection and remedy its symptoms. To use this home remedy, simply mix a teaspoon of drumstick flower juice with a half cup of coconut water. Drink this twice a day to get the best results.


  1. Vitamin D

Symptoms associated with bladder infection can be treated with the use of Vitamin D. higher levels of this nutrient in the body stream will douse the chance of contracting bladder infections. The loss of nutrients through a monthly period in women contributes to their susceptibility to bladder infections. Added supplements can be used to boost the supply of this nutrient


It is best to use dairy milk for this home remedy, as it contains high amounts of vitamin D

  1. Vinegar

The use of vinegar is based on its effect as a disinfectant and dilutes the smell associated with bladder infections. Excess moisture around the genitals can be wiped off using water and soap. Vinegar can be diluted and applied with gauze to cleanse the genitals. Do this as often as needed to ease the pain that often comes with bladder infections.


  1. Coconut

The use of the water and milk from coconut has a healthy effect on the bladder infection symptoms. The use of this remedy is well-reviewed in Indian home remedies literature. The cooling effect associated with this remedy helps to douse the symptoms of bladder infection. The active ingredient in coconut is monolaurin, and it possesses excellent antimicrobial action.

Monolaurin is also present in breast milk and is thus, a safe remedy with no side effect. It is safe for tender children and babies. In addition, coconut water has been consumed over the ages as a refreshing drink in many cultures of the world. The chemical base of coconut oil is thought to enhance the dispelling of the infection as a result of the capacity of electrolytes inherent in it.

To use this home remedy, you can either drink three cups of coconut water OR coconut milk. You can also eat a teaspoon of coconut oil to get the same effects.


  1. Yoga

The eastern practice of yoga is well proven to boost healthy living and tightening of the walls of the urethra. It can be likened to kegel routines and it has the capacity to dampen stress. The lesser the impact of stress, the better the state of health you will enjoy. The chair pose, as well as any of the triangle postures, will help here.


  1. Applesauce Mix

The use of the mix made out of prune juice, oat bran and applesauce produces results that restore the balance of the bladder.  It can also be used with other juices and water. Applesauce should dominate the mix by having it make up 50 percent of the mix at any time.

When other fruits are added, the percentage content of applesauce needs to be enhanced as well. Overuse of the mix is not recommended so that gas is not produced in excess. Excess gases worsen inflammation and should be avoided.

apple, applesauce, bladder infections

Plain applesauce (no added sugar) will work best for this home remedy

What do you think of these home remedies? Comment with your opinion below!











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