7 ways to avoid lifestyle diseases

It shouldn’t be surprising that the lack of activity in today’s people have cropped up new and problematic diseases from poor decisions. Our current lifestyles are actually making us sick, in order to change that you need to change what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. Not only can diseases like heart disease and the risk of a stroke be potentially life threatening, living this way on the border between good health and poor health isn’t any better for your body. So today were going to go over some things that you can do to help change your ways of life to change this pattern before it’s too late. As always you should consult with a doctor before beginning a new exercise or diet plan.

avoid lifestyle diseases

Step one should be obvious to most people. Walking, walking has been known to help lower your risk of certain lifestyle diseases like heart disease, it’s a great cardiovascular workout for your body and can help to strengthen and tone your body for more rigorous activities for in the future. Not only does it get your heart beating faster which helps to exercise your heart muscle but it could help you to lose some extra pounds and all you have to do is walk! Most people start out with a fifteen minute walk to start out with and escalate as they feel their body can handle it. Ultimately you will want to be going for 30 minutes or more to get the most out of the workout.

Cut the sugar, you may have a sweet tooth, but it isn’t doing you any good. If you can cut your sugar down to 10 percent of your daily calories you can limit your accessibility of your body to things like obesity and diabetes. If you have a hard time giving stuff up you might just want to try limiting yourself, cut your soda intake down to one or two a day instead of six if you’re a real soda junkie. Doing small things like this will help to reduce your risk tremendously.

This next one can be hard to do, but it is essential if you want to help limit the amount of diseases you may be prone too. Cut out processed foods and Tran’s fats. Tran’s fats can affect your bad cholesterol levels which can lead to a heart attack. The most common place to find these Trans fats are in margarine, hydrogenated oils and battered foods.

Track your calorie intake, this may be hard at first, but after you get a system in place you’ll find it like a game trying to beat your high score, only this time you’re trying to lower your score instead of increase it. By cutting down your calorie intake you’ll reduce the likelihood of you being susceptible to obesity and diabetes among other lifestyle diseases.

Add strength training to your exercise regime, once you have been walking for a while and have gotten your body used to more physical activity start with some light strength training to help tone your body. You can start with light weight dumbbells or just do push-ups. Either way it will reduce the likelihood of you breaking bones in the future by strength training them.

Another thing you can do is to practice mind body techniques to relieve stress and strengthen your immune system. By strengthening your immune system you reduce the likelihood of catching certain diseases in the future. Yoga or tai chi are some of the most popular techniques around and you can usually find a class close to home.

Plan some activities that will result in you being outside. Fresh air is key to keeping yourself healthy. So stop sitting on the couch and get outside. Play football or other sports to get your body moving and enjoy the sunshine while it’s out. Schedule a day a week where you spend some time outside instead of inside and you’ll soon be going out more and more.

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