9 Ways To De-Clutter Your Mind

How Do We De-Clutter Our Minds?

Nowadays it seems like we are on the go 24/7, whether it be at work, with our families, our partner or studying. There is always something to do or somewhere we feel we should be. So in this busy, rush here and rush there all the time, how do we find peace.

In other words how do we de-clutter our minds? Let’s look at a few ways we can slow our mind down and by doing so remove some of the “white noise”.


8  Ways To De-Clutter Your Mind

#1. Focus on one task at a time

While years ago, multi-tasking was all the rage, now scientists and work psychologists are saying we can do at most two tasks fairly well, one task excellently. So next time you have a lot to do at work or at home try and stick to the one task at a time method. See how your mind focuses more.

#2. Make Notes

Write down smaller tasks that may pop up in your head. Make a mental note to address the less important tasks after you have concentrated on getting the main things done.

#3. Quietness & Solitude

Even if you are in a busy office try and go to a room where you can sit quietly on your own and let your mind quieten. This is especially required if you are about to start on a heavy report or essay. You need to get rid of all the distractions in your mind.

#4. Breathe

Often your quick thinking will be the result of not having your breathing under control. If you slow your breathing down and become conscious of each breath, you will quieten your mind and de-clutter or all those racing thoughts!

#5. Boycott Electronic Devices

Turn off or go away from all electronic devices except the one you are using (desktop/laptop). You will be surprised how much your mind will start to empty of distractions when you don’t have smartphones, phones or people as well around you.

#6. Environment

Find a room, somewhere outdoor that is conducive to tuning out. In other words the process of simply getting in touch with the environment, with nature if you are outdoors will slow your mind. It will be ready to either focus or take in new material.

Often busy offices cause our minds to race and get cluttered with so many trivial things we sometimes lose focus of what we are there to do. Our minds go into a kind of over stimulation and that is not an effective way to work. So step outside to a room that makes you feel relaxed or even better outside, into the fresh air.

#7. Switch off the TV, movies and cable

Yes, that’s right. Go without. Imagine your life before all of these devices at night. Go for a walk when you get home from work. Take your time cooking a meal while you sip on a glass of red wine (good for your health!).

#8. Read A Book

Alternatively read a good book, one you have been meaning to read for ages but used the old excuse “I have been too busy”. Remember being busy is an option. You can reduce the amount of “busy” in your life, especially by prioritizing and switching off from technology more again.

Lots of people globally are doing this. While we are talking about this it is really good habit to leave your electronic devices in another room when you go to sleep. Have LED displays at a minimum; scientists have found these artificial lights and screens affect our natural circadian rhythms. If you can’t switch off your mind at night and get the sleep you need, chances are your mind will be tired and racing the next day.

#9. Meditate

This means different things to different people. Essentially you are slowing your breathing. Ideally you close your eyes and imagine you are in a peaceful place. This might be a forest, by a waterfall, at a tropical beach.

Just take time as you slow your breathing and imagine the sounds, the sights, even the smell of all you “see” around you. Keep breathing in and out as deeply and slowly as you can.

If a thought tries to clutter your brain use the bubble technique. See the thought or distraction, acknowledge it and then either push it away or burst it. You have made the cognitive decision to deal with that thought, feeling or whatever it is later.

Allow yourself to do this for at least 5 minutes. The great thing about this strategy for de-cluttering your brain is you can do it anyway, at home, on public transport or at work. It is like you are taking a well-earned and needed brief relaxation break in your day, making your whole day more effective and chunking your day up.

Instead of feeling you are rushing from one activity to another, you can meditate between the activities to slow your pace and your minds racing thoughts (clutter).

Another thing about de-cluttering your mind is that the healthier you are in terms of getting enough sleep, having a good diet and regular exercise, the easier it will be to de-clutter your mind anyway.

Remember our mind was made to serve us, not the other way round!

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