10 health benefits of Bok Choy

Bok Choy, a vegetable common in the south East Asia countries like China, Phillipines and other countries. It is also known as leafy Chinese cabbage because of how it looks and where it is mostly grown. Its stalk and leaves are sweet and nutritious, below are some of the health benefits of this vegetable.

Bok Choy

Due to its zero or very minimal calorific levels; bok choy is the best vegetable for regular intake if you are trying to loose that extra weight. It does not matter what amount you eat since there are no calories in this vegetable, you will be satisfied get the right minerals your body needs as well as cut down on some weight.

As much as we cannot avoid growing old or aging, we can slow down some of the negative effects aging has on the organs in our body. Bok choy has beta carotene which is a mineral which helps the cells in our eyes to protect the eyes from macular degeneration; where we slowly loose the use of our eye sight as we age.

If our cars need a replacement of worn out parts every now and then, what of parts in our body? Bok choy contains calcium, vitamin K and phosphorous which are the main minerals needed by our bones and teeth to make them strong as well as replace tissue cells which are worn out or have become old. Since we cannot take our bodies for servicing like we do our cars, the right diet will work wonders for it.

The same way we oil and grease any parts of a machine to make it work efficiently; it is the same with our bodies. In this case, vitamin C found in bokchoy is an anti-oxidants which protects the cells in our bodies from getting damaged from agents which have been released due to processes going on in our body.

Imagine getting a cut and your blood continues flowing because it is unable to clot? Bok choy contains vitamin K which is needed by the blood to make it have the ability to clot.

To reduce the risk of getting breast cancer or prostate cancer in men; a daily intake of this succulent vegetable will help the body fight the growth of any cancer tumor cells by changing the cell activation to prevent the development of this cancer cells.

We charge our phones regularly to be able to use it without it going off; we also need to charge our bodies so that it can continue functioning as it should be. Bok choy is an important source of vitamin B complex. Vitamin like B6; which is important for our body to help it in cell regeneration and replenishing of worn out tissues.

A body with good immunity means that chances of falling ill or getting colds and flu becomes rare. Bok choy is an important source of vitamin C whose major role in the body if to help it boost its immunity levels. Vegetables may be the most boring meals to adults even children but being ill is not interesting at all, boost your immunity it will cost nothing.

There’s nothing like too much nutrients in the body, every mineral and vitamins that we take in has a level of use and importance in the body. Bok choy is a source of manganese, calcium, vitamin A, B complex, C and K, it also has phosphorous and other minerals which play an important role in the body. For example manganese helps in regulating the blood pressure in the body.

Lack of iron in the body leads to anemia, to avoid the onset of this disease daily intake of bokchoy will provide your body with the necessary iron levels that will help in the production of red blood cells.

Whether you want to steam it to maintain the crunchy, succulent, sweet taste or include it in your favorite salad; bokchoy should be one of the veggies in your tray in the kitchen

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