8 Health Benefits Of Eggplants

There are many healthy fruits and vegetables that have numerous health benefits to them, besides keeping our diets better balanced. There are many different ways to eat healthier. While it is a general fact that eating fresh foods are good for us, it’s sometimes hard to know what makes them good for us in the first place?

This article will discuss some health benefits that come with eating more eggplants, as well as what exactly makes the eggplant so good for us in the first place. Who knows? Maybe after reading this article you will be inspired to cook up a new dish featuring the healthy and tasty eggplant.


#1. Full of Fiber

The eggplant is full of healthy fiber! It can be hard to find a food that is full of fiber and tasty at the same time. Taking in enough fiber is highly important when it comes to regulating your digestive track. By eating more eggplant, and fiber-rich foods, in general, you can make it so that you are constipated less often and having your stomach and intestines feeling better, in general, more often.

#2. Lower Blood Pressure

Eggplants are full of tiny things that make them healthy and help with different parts of our body. One key component in the eggplant, bioflavonoids, are known to be able to lower bad blood pressure and keep good blood pressure at a more constantly, healthier, level. Eating eggplants, and other foods full of bioflavonoids, on a regular basis can help to keep your blood pressure from getting too high.

#3. Lower High Cholesterol

Just like the bioflavonoids in eggplants can help to lower high blood pressure, there are also special things in the plant to lower high cholesterol. The cholesterol-lowering eggplant dishes all depend on how you cook them. Don’t fry the eggplant if you want to lower your cholesterol. Instead, try baked eggplant dishes to make a healthy and tasty meal. Do not add too much salt or else it will be in vain.

#4. Help With Blood Circulation

Just like eggplants can help with blood pressure, they can also help with blood circulation! There is something in the eggplant called “phytonutrients” which help with circulation. You can only get these nutrients if you eat the skin of the eggplant. Don’t worry, this skin is perfectly safe to eat. If you don’t find it tasty at first you can add some spices, but avoid adding salt.

#5. Helps With Diabetes

By helping to keep a person’s cholesterol and blood pressure levels in check, the eggplant can also help to keep blood sugar levels in check. There are many diabetes-safe meals that you can make with eggplants. The eggplant is low in carbohydrates, which is also useful to know if you have troubles managing your diabetes.

#6. Full of Vitamins & Minerals

Getting enough vitamins and minerals is just something that is generally pretty healthy for a person. Luckily, eggplants are packed full of them! One vitamin that eggplants are full of is vitamin K. This vitamin can help with blood pressure levels. Eggplants are also full of minerals like iron and calcium which can help with many different bodily functions.

#7. Low in Calories

Another thing that’s generally good about the eggplant is that it is low in calories. One cup of unaltered eggplant is only twenty calories! This is great to know. If you are trying to lose weight or lower your calorie intake then eggplants can help you out. Although eggplants are low in calories they are also filling. Try adding eggplants to your diet plan.

#8. General Colon Care

Lastly, eating eggplants can also help when it comes to general colon care. The high fiber amounts make it so that you can digest your foods easily, which makes the whole deal a lot easier on your colon. Some people even think that eating enough eggplants can help to reduce your risk of getting colon cancer! Even if it doesn’t, it sure doesn’t hurt your colon.

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