7 Health Benefits Of Oats

Not everyone can say that they enjoy the taste of oats. But for those of us who do, we’re getting more out of our breakfast food than others. Here are some secrets and tips about oats that people may not be aware of.

Top Reasons You Should Eat Oats

#1. Excellent Nutritional Value

Oats have an impressive nutritional value to them. Just a single cup of oats can provide you with 6g of protein and 4g of fiber. Fiber as many of you might know already is a multitalented nutrient that can protect us from a variety of health issues.

So eat your cup of oats and you’ll also be getting almost your entire daily value of manganese, which helps the enzymes in our bones structure to create new bone.

#2. Stomach Filling

Oats can fill you up fast. With little calories per cup, about 147 you’ll find yourself feeling fuller longer as these whole grains take up quite a lot of room in your stomach and are packed full of essential nutrients and all the good stuff our bodies need.

The reason why oats make you feel fuller longer? Simple really they take longer for your body to digest them; therefore they stick around longer in our bodies.

#3. Controls Cholesterol

Oats can help to reduce your cholesterol, like other grains, oats have the highest number of soluble fibre. This type of fibre helps our bodies to block out the bad cholesterol and to let in the good cholesterol.

So not only do oats taste good, their good for you. A recent study found that those with high cholesterol could lower their bad cholesterol by 8% just by adding oats into their daily diet. This will significantly reduce your chances of having a heart attack or stroke.

#4. Controls Diabetes

Oats are diabetes-friendly. The same reason that oats can stave off hunger is also the reason why they are diabetes-friendly, they are a slow-burning food which doesn’t overload your body all at once like other foods. It brings a steady level of glucose to your body without overdoing it all at once.

#5. Healthy Digestion

Oats can help to support a healthy digestion track in our bodies. The insoluble fibre that is a part of oats, scrubs our intestines clean while being processed through our bodies. This helps to prevent constipation and people suffering from GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) will have fewer symptoms of the disease as oats help to cleanse their way through the body.


#6.Good For Skin

Oats can be used for more than just a yummy breakfast. At some point in our history, someone discovered how beneficial oats were to our skin. It’s true that applying oats to our skin whether it just be for fun, or if you have a nasty rash going on will help to soothe and rejuvenate our skin.

The most common use for oats outside of eating them is the use of a warm bath with oats for children suffering from the chickenpox.

#7. Tasty & Nutritious

And finally we come to our last reason to enjoy these tasty oats; oats can be used for more than just a warm breakfast. Oats can be supplemented into tons of recipes from breads to cookies and you’ll still get all the benefits of eating oats but with a tasty new spin to them.

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