7 Health Benefits Of Raisins

If you are used to snacking on very unhealthy foods raisins are considered to be one of the healthiest snacks worldwide. Well, they have a few other benefits too.

#1. Good For Constipation

Do you suffer from constipation? Or do you have problems releasing stool. Well, it is said that you are expected to release stool at least once or twice or a day. If you are doing it once every two days or three days than you are definitely suffering from constipation. Raisins help with digestion hence being able to remove stool. If you take a few raisins at least twice or thrice a day this helps you prevent constipation and any other bowel related ailments. It leaves you with a sooth calming feeling to your stomach.

#2. Acidity

Do you always have a burning sensation in your stomach that is not an ulcer but a constant burning sensation? Well, you could be acidic and we have just the solution for you. Because raisins are rich in potassium and magnesium, these help reduce the acidity and flush out all toxins on your body. This in return this helps your body prevent the likeliness of diseases like arthritis, gout, kidney stones, and heart diseases.

#3. Sleepy

Do you feel week most times or feel sleepy and drowsy. Well, you could be anemic. But it’s important to see a doctor just to be sure. However, if you do suffer from anemia the consumption of raisins helps in the production of your red blood cells.

Raisins in your diet are rich in iron which help in the treatment of anemia. Who knew something as sweet as raisins could actually treat your anemia, right?

#4. Bad Breath

Do you suffer from bad breath constantly? Toothpaste and mouth wash are just not helping? Well, worry no more. Introduce raisins to your diet to experience the elimination of teeth decay, cavities, and brittle teeth. Raisins help in the prevention of the growth of bacteria in teeth and help ensure the teeth are growing healthy and strong.

As raisins contain lots of calcium the help in ensuring the teeth do not peel away and remain strong and healthy and promote good growth for them too.

#5. Healthy Weight Gain

More often than not we rarely hear of people who desire to gain weight. Well, this is understandable because of how the world has become today. However, if you desire to gain weight how about trying to eat some raisins maybe three to four times a day, just as a healthy snack. What the raisins do is help increase the energy in your body because they are rich in fructose and glucose. As well the weight that comes with these raisins is very good cholesterol so you do not need to worry.



#6. Skin Ailments

When the body is highly acidic, you begin to develop some skin ailments like pimples, boils, and psoriasis. These ailments are very painful and at worst make the skin on your body look undesirable leave alone untouchable.

When you eat raisins, because they are rich in magnesium they help neutralize the acid in the stomach that causes these ailments. This helps cure the acidosis and keeps the body healthy and problem free.

#7. Good Hair

When you consume raisins on a daily basis, this also helps improve your hair. What it does is reduce flakiness, dandruff, and itchiness in the scalp. As well the raisins help in the prevention of hair loss too. Thus ensuring your hair grows long and well treated.

So the next time you think of raisins, don’t think of only using them to bake but to also remember their numerous health benefits.

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