15 Home Remedies for Tumors

A part of having cancer is having tumors.  A tumor “is an uncontrolled, abnormal circumscribed growth of cells in any animal or plants tissue or neoplasm” as per Dictionary.com.  In this article, we will briefly show you twenty home remedies that you can do at home to help in the medical treatment of your cancer and your tumor.

Home Remedies for Tumors

  1. Broccoli

Broccoli is good for the treatment of cancer and tumors. Eating this vegetables regularly helps get rid of infections and bacteria in your body.  Eating broccoli sprouts also have a similar effect.

broccoli, sprouts, autism

Broccoli sprouts

  1. Grapes

Grapes are also a good way of fighting tumors. They have properties that reduce the estrogen in the body which if you are a female you may want to watch but it helps in the shrinking of tumors in breast cancer patients and prostate and colon cancer patients.


  1. Ginseng

Ginseng is also a good way of treating cancer tumors as it helps in building resistance to the infections caused by cancer.  It helps to seek out the infection causing bacteria or tissue and works to get rid of it. Taking ginseng supplements, as directed, is a good way to take in more ginseng.


  1. Myrrh

Myrrh is an herb which helps to fight tumors.  It helps with anti-inflammatory agents as well as fighting against the bacteria inside the body. It is good to use against all cancer tumors. Using myrrh essential oil is another way to use this herb.


  1. Green Tea

Green tea is a many useful drink. It is loaded with helpful antioxidants. If you boil it and then drink it you will have less swelling, and also helps with the treatment of breast, prostate, liver, and other cancers.


  1. Soy

Soybeans are considered to be a good cancer tumor prevention technique.  It doesn’t let the cancer get attached to your estrogen inside your body.  It can be eaten as sprouts or you can cook the beans and eat them. Drinking soy milk or eating tofu will also work.

tofu, soy, menopause

Tofu may look plain, but it can be cooked and seasoned to change its taste and texture

  1. Wheat Grass

Wheat grass can be drank in a juice form or eaten as normal wheat grass.  It helps in the treatment of all cancers and their tumors. Drink this often to help treat the tumor.


  1. Fruit and Vegetable Juice

Juicing is a good form of treating cancers and tumors and almost all ailments.  You can make a drink out of apples, bananas, and other fruits and vegetables. Adding more fruits and vegetables in your diet in any form is a great way to combat tumors.

The infamous vegetable smoothie good for many things including maintaining a healthy body during your cancer treatment.  What you do with this vegetable smoothie is mix several types of vegetables and some fruits. The taste depends on what you like actually.  You can mix broccoli, spinach, kale, carrots, cabbage, and beets. Some add apples or another fruit it make it a little sweeter.


  1. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera which is used to help people with various ailments. In the treatment of cancer if you eat it as a jelly it helps in the treatment of prostate cancer. Drinking aloe vera juice is another way to use this home remedy.


  1. Baking Soda

We all know that baking soda helps get rid of the nasty smells in our house, brush our teeth, and also some use it in cooking. What you may not have known is that it helps in the treatment of cancer.  The cancers that it treats are throat, colon, intestine, and rectal cancer. The key to helping to kill cancer is that it lives and survives in an environment that is low on oxygenated bodies-meaning your cells and your blood.  The baking soda helps to target that in your body. Also cancer patients also apparently eat a lot of sugary foods and drink a lot of calcium.

How you use the baking soda is that you mix it with maple syrup and you cook it for approximately five minutes.  Then you let it cool and over a period of one to two months you sip a teaspoon to three teaspoons a day. It will help shrink your tumor to non-existence.


  1. Vitamin C

For women who are in danger of getting breast cancer or have breast cancer keeping your levels of vitamin C are good for your prevention of cancer. Citrus fruits are some of the best sources of vitamin C.

bell peppers, vegetables, vitamin c, gallstones

All types of bell peppers contain high amounts of vitamin C as well

  1. Fruit Seeds

Eating fruit seeds you help yourself with cancer treatment.  For example, eating watermelon seeds will help colon cancer and kidney cancer. Also of note although not recommended it was also suggested that you use apricot and peach pits as well to help in your treatment.


  1. Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense essential oil therapy for cancer is simply putting the diluted oil on your neck three times a day.  If you do not like that you can drink three drops of it in an eight ounce glass of tea or juice.


  1. Garlic

Garlic is a tried and true treatment for many ailments in today’s society.  It is also a good cancer fighting agent. You can have it as a juice or eat it in a soup.  If you also add onions and broccoli you have a powerhouse of a defense against cancer and its tumors.


  1. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a good defense against many ailments including cancer.  If targets the cancer cells themselves when you use it as a defense against the disease. Add cayenne pepper to your meals regularly to get the most out of this home remedy.

cayenne, tumors, pepper, spice, spicy, flu

You can add cayenne pepper to your meals to make them spicy

All of these easily researchable methods can be used to fight against cancer and the tumors that cause them.  Before using any of them I suggest that you do your research and talk to your medical professional about the same. We wish you luck in your fight against cancer.

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