24 Home Remedies for Inducing Abortions

The word “abortion” describes an act in which a woman either sees a doctor to end a pregnancy, or she ends a pregnancy herself, on purpose. Miscarriages, in which a pregnancy ends unexpectedly, is not the same as an abortion. Women who are not pregnant, you cannot have an abortion. If you are simply looking for ways to avoid becoming pregnant, then you can instead read this article on natural birth control methods.

If you wish to have an abortion by using home remedies it is safest to do it in the early weeks of the pregnancy. However, you can safely abort your unborn fetus up to 19 weeks with the use of herbal remedies. Otherwise, it is safest to seek medical assistance. It should be noted that it is safer and more reliable to see a professional abortionist, rather than using home remedies. However, if you live in an area where medical abortions are hard to come by, then home remedies may be your best bet.

We at Top 8 Home Remedies are neither condoning or encouraging abortions. Getting an abortion is a personal choice that we should have no part in. We are not going to tell you what to do with your body. This article is not meant to be either persuasive or not, but educational.

If you have decided that a home remedy induced abortion is right for you, then you can follow these home remedies. If you are uneasy about any of these home remedies, then do not try them. It should be noted that these are not guaranteed to work. There may also be negative side effects, which are common in near all abortions, even if they are done medically.

If at all possible, we would like to reiterate that getting a medical abortion is safer and more reliable than a home remedy induced abortion. However, if at home abortions are your only option, then these tips may be of some help. These home remedies are most likely to work best when used as early in the pregnancy as possible. If you notice any health complications after using these home remedies, then see a doctor immediately.

Home Remedies for Inducing Abortions

1. Blue Cohosh

Blue cohosh is an herb which helps to discharge the childbirth hormone. This hormone is called oxytocin. It is, therefore, an herb that can be used to induce effective abortion.

To use this home remedy, mix one teaspoon of dried blue cohosh in a cup of warm water. Cover the cup and let the blue cohosh soak well for five to seven minutes. Strain the mixture and drink it. Drink this mixture three times daily. This should help to naturally induce the abortion process. Note that you cannot take this tea continuously for more than six days.



2. Exercise

Medical practitioners recommend that pregnant women should avoid any heavy physical activities especially weight lifting, running, or skipping rope. This can be done as a home remedy for effective abortion. A rough and heavy exercise can successfully help in the process of effective abortion.


Intense workouts are more likely to produce results

3. Acacia Pods

Acacia pods have been proven to work as well for effective abortions. Although it is not a well- known method, it has been successfully done by some people.

Take the same amount of unripe acacia pods and banana leaf shoots. Mix them together in a bowl. Let the mixture dry. Make a fine powder by adding the sugar to the mixture. Put six grams of the dried mixture to the glass of water. Take this daily until you start bleeding from the vagina. This is a sign that you have successfully induced an abortion.

4. Ascorbic Acid

High doses of ascorbic acid or vitamin C can increase the estrogen production and also prevent progesterone production. Estrogen is important during menstruation and progesterone is needed for the eggs in the uterus wall. Vitamin C can control these hormones. When taken in large amount it creates an imbalance in the women’s body which causes effective abortion. It is best to use this remedy within the first two to six weeks of pregnancy.

It is important to use only the pure kind of vitamin C. Do not use rose hips or bioflavonoid. On the other hand, those who have kidney stones or other health-related problems should not try to use this home remedy. It is known that vitamin C can worsen the condition.

Normally, ten to twelve grams of Vitamin C each day should be taken until you start bleeding. These requirements can be different for each person. If you use this remedy bleeding should occur within three to six days. You may try to use other home remedies if bleeding doesn’t occur in six days.


5. Chamomile Tea

During pregnancy, it is safe to take chamomile tea. But taking too much of chamomile tea can cause effective abortion. This tea is known to have an abortifacient substance. This ingredient can induce effective abortion.

Put the dried chamomile into a cup. Pour hot water into the cup. Let it stand for at least three minutes. Strain the mixture. Drink this tea two to three times a day. This herbal tea can also be taken safely during pregnancy. To use this as an effective abortion, you need to drink a lot of this tea every day. More than three cups of this tea a day will make it more likely that you will induce an abortion.


6. Parsley Leaves

Parsley is known worldwide as a very effective natural home remedy for effective abortion. Eating parsley leaves can make the cervix loose and cause a miscarriage. But you need a large amount of these herbs to make it induce effective abortion at the initial part of your pregnancy. You can take parsley when you missed a period to make it to start menstruation.
Another way to use parsley to encourage an abortion is to make parsley juice. To do this, begin by thoroughly washing the parsley. Put it together with the water. Blend until it becomes a juice. Drink a cup of this fresh juice two to three times a day.

Drinking parsley tea is another alternative. To use this home remedy, mix a tablespoon of dried parsley in a cup of hot water. Let the parsley soak in the water for at least ten minutes. When the time is up, strain the parsley out of the water. Drink this water three times each day.

parsley, herb, bee

Fresh parsley

7. Hedeoma Pulegioides

Mentha pulegium is also known as pennyroyal. I Other names are American pennyroyal tickseed, mosquito plant, and the squaw mint. When you use this herb it stimulates the contractions of the uterus. Never take the essential oils of this herb because it is poisonous.

Pennyroyal is efficient natural effective abortion. As a home remedy take 25 to 40 drops of pennyroyal tea, three to five pills or use the pennyroyal oil. You may feel nauseated, tired, and sweaty as a result of taking this remedy.


Note that those who are suffering from urinary disorders should not use this herb.

8. Aspirin

This medicine is very common in people’s household as a treatment for pain and fever. But when you are pregnant, this medicine can cause miscarriage. To use this home remedy, take five aspirin pills with a cup of water. You should only have to do this once for the home remedy to work.


Do not exceed taking ten pills, or else you may overdose.


9. Quai Dong

Angelica Sinensis is also known as Dong Quai. It has a very strong effect on the reproductive organ of a woman. Some women take American and European angelica as a means to end a pregnancy and stimulate bleeding.

Angelica sinensis have an essential oil that helps to relax the uterus. Therefore, it is an effective and harmless home remedies for terminating the pregnancy. Put together a teaspoon of angelica sinensis powder and one cup of warm water. Make sure it is mix very well. Take this drink three times per day until you are no longer pregnant.


10. Mugwort

Mugwort leaves are known to cause miscarriage if it is eaten at the beginning of pregnancy. To use this home remedy, dry a handful of mugwort leaves in the sun. Crush the dried leaves into powder. Put one teaspoon of the powder into a cup of water. Close it with a lid and let it stand for five to seven minutes. Strain this mixture. Drink the tea three times a day.


Remember not to take this tea more than three times a day and not more than six days. If it is taken more than the prescribed amount, it may lead to renal failure.

mugwort, herb, abortions

Common mugwort plant

11. Black and Red Cohosh

Black cohosh stimulates the contraction of the uterus, thus it is an effective home remedy for terminating a pregnancy. For more than 200 years, Native Americans have used black cohosh. They found out that menstrual cramps and menopause symptoms can be cured by black cohosh.

The red cohosh has to be taken after the black cohosh. Although this remedy cannot completely cause the miscarriage it can lead to it in the long run. Black cohosh is also known to reduce quickly your heart rate.


There are temporary side effects when using this herb such as nausea, faintness, vomiting and diarrhea. You should consult an herbalist for proper dosage if you decide to use this remedy.


12. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a well-known home remedy for abortion. The cinnamon stimulates the uterus this can easily lead to effective abortion and can help stop the pain. Remember that to get the best result cinnamon should not be cooked. To finish the whole process you can take a cinnamon supplements. Miscarriage should happen without complications.

Cinnamon has a powerful effect on the blood platelets, thus it helps to prevent bleeding and optimizes the healing process.


13. Cotton Root Bark

Cotton root bark is commonly known as Levant cotton. This cotton root bark can effectively cause miscarriage naturally. When the brewed cotton root bark is taken with hot water, the corpus luteum cannot produce progesterone. This helps to end the pregnancy. It produces oxytocin which is known as childbirth hormone. The cotton root bark can then naturally cause miscarriage.


14. Bromelain

Bromelain is known to help soften the cervix. This will eventually lead to effective abortion. You should try pineapple as a home remedy for effective abortion. It is one of the best home remedies and can be done safely at home. To use this home remedy, simply eat plenty of pineapple each day until you have an abortion.

pineapple, COPD, fruit

Fresh pineapple will work the best

15. Sex

Having sexual intercourse and orgasm many times during pregnancy can also cause miscarriage. It is indeed a fascinating home remedy for effective abortion. If you choose to do this home remedy, you should have sex or penetration within the first three months of pregnancy. This way it became more efficient and a safe prevention for your pregnancy.


16. Hot Shower

Hot shower is another interesting home remedy for effective abortion. It is natural and simple. In order to get the best result, do it together with some herb or natural products mentioned in these remedies. A hot bath will also produce similar results.


17. Papaya

Papaya consists of two enzymes named chymopapain and papain. These substances are teratogenic and as such, they will interfere with the development of any fetus. Teratogens have the effect of damaging the growth process of the fetus, and in some cases, they will lead to outright loss of the unborn child.

Papaya is also deemed to be abortifacient as all indications point to the fact that it will lead to loss of the fetus or pregnancy. While papaya is healthy when you are not pregnant, it is a different ball game during pregnancy. Moreover, these identified indications mean that papaya as a result of its rich dose of Vitamin C, papaya is not healthy for pregnant women.


18. Sesame Seeds

For a safe and natural home remedy for terminating a pregnancy, sesame seeds are an efficient choice. It is a food known to cause miscarriage. It is actually dangerous especially when it is eaten with honey.

Put the sesame seeds in the bowl of water. Let this steep for the whole night. In the morning, drink the water.

Alternatively, you can fry sesame seeds and mix them with honey. Eat this mixture often either on its own or added to other foods.

sesame seeds, seeds, abortions

Sesame seeds

19. Dandelion Root Tea

Mix the root of the dandelion with salad, vegetables, or stir-fry and eat. This is a good safe way of having an abortion. You can also make it in a tea form as well. Good to drink it several days of the week. An abortion should happen shortly. If it does not and you have tried other methods it is best to seek medical attention.

20. Laxatives

Using laxatives can cause an upset stomach, which could help to encourage abortions. Use laxatives as directed on the packaging if you decide to use this home remedy.


21. Canned Fish

Saline and other harmful chemicals can often be found be processed cans of fish. By eating this often, you may be able to induce an abortion, as these chemicals work to increase blood pressure. Salty fish, like sardines and anchovies, are more likely to cause an abortion than tuna or salmon might.


22. Dried Apricots and Figs

These two dried fruits have been known to induce abortions. This home remedy works best if these fruits are eaten directly after having vigorous sex. These home remedies can also be made more useful if they are eaten with honey.


23. Queen Anne’s Lace

For the use of this home remedy, you can either chew the seed or grind the seeds and soak in one teaspoon of water. Drink the mixture once a day until you have the end result of an abortion or the bleeding, which looks like an abortion.


24. Rue

Rue contains two ingredients which are abortion-causing agents that will induce an abortion. Take the herb and mix with water, steep and drink it two to three times a day. Do this until you begin bleeding.

rue, flowers, abortions

Rue flowers

There are different ways of inducing an abortion at home with the above-mentioned methods. However, we do caution you as to how and when you use them. A consideration is how far along you are and your own health.

Also, check with an herbalist as well to see if the dosages you are using are safe. Although the herbalist is not licensed nor considered a doctor, they are well versed and their field and should be able to give you good spoken and written direction for your medicine and abortion.








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