31 Home Remedies for Dizziness

Dizziness is a health condition that occurs suddenly and most of the time, it disappears in like manner. Feeling dizzy is usually not a reason to worry too much unless the dizziness seems more serious than normal.  The worrying cases can be linked to other illness indicators like fainting and erratic heartbeats.


Notable Hints

  • As soon as dizziness begins, one must take the necessary precautions to avoid falling or fainting. Falling due to a dizzy spell can lead to rather severe injuries.
  • Dizzy spells that lead to blackouts may indicate a chronic underlying illness. As soon as these signs appear, one needs to inform family members or a doctor.
  • Diabetics may experience dizzy spells when their blood sugar levels drop.It is important that they munch on sweets or something else that is high in sugar or has a heavy quantity of glucose in it.


Causes of Dizziness

Anxiety Disorders: People who are too anxious or nervous end up being unable to breathe. Limited oxygen inflow to the brain is the reason why dizzy spells are seen in many people.

Ear Infections:  Ears are responsible for balancing your body. Therefore, with ear infections, you experience the side effects of losing balance and this might involve dizzy spells too.

Hypoglycemia: When there is less sugar in the body, people feel dizzy. People who suffer from low blood pressure are most at risk of these dizzy spells.

Low Blood Sugar: Anyone who gets deprived of the needed sugar intake is also prone to dizzy spells. Certain medicines work to lower blood sugar level in your body and thus can also lead to dizziness.

Dehydration: The sun has the ability to drain the body of necessary water. Hence the importance of gulping water, whenever the day is scorched. Sometimes, if one does not get some liquids during a hot day, the person may experience dehydration. With dehydration, dizziness is expected.


Home Remedies for Dizziness

  1. Sit Down or Lie Down

If one is standing while experiencing dizziness, one needs to immediately sit or lie down. A person who is feeling dizzy or queasy whilst standing runs the risk of collapsing and hitting the ground.  Thus, it is vital to sit or lie down until the dizziness passes.

If sitting does not help in the least, a good tactic is to place the head between your legs. This ensures balance is restored in your body and will help ease the feeling of dizziness.


  1. Gelsemium

Gelsemium helps in cases when people experience dizziness despite lying down. It also helps when people experience dizzy spells from getting up too fast. The dizziness here also causes blurry vision and further dizzy spells can be triggered by the slightest of quick movements.  


  1. Iron Supplement

Anemic people who lack the needed iron in their bodies are also prone to dizziness. For these people taking an iron supplement (usually in a capsule form) daily is a must.

Alternatively, foods such as spinach, dried beans, and lentils can also be consumed. They contain a valuable dosage of iron and as such, they work towards eliminating side effects of anemia and hence, dizzy spells as well.

spinach, leafy greens

Spinach leaves

  1. Causticum

If dizzy spells are caused by head related issues, using a medicine like causticum is a sure remedy. Causticum also works when the dizziness leads one to fall frontwards. Take this as directed on the packaging.


  1. Antihistamine

It should be appreciated that dizziness is usually accompanied by many side effects; one such side effect being nausea. If the symptom is accompanied by dizziness, then getting an antihistamine from the local chemist is advised.

Antihistamines like meclizine or any that have dimenhydrinate are good buys.  The reason for choosing these antihistamines is because they can calm your nerves and induce sleep. And it is this impact that makes them potent cures.


  1. Argentum Nitricum

Argentum nitricum works best in cases where the dizziness takes a turn. This is when people feel like their surroundings are collapsing on them.In most cases, as people wake from sleep, it will appear as if the buildings or structures on the sides are crashing down on them. Take this as directed on the packaging.


  1. Belladonna

For dizzy spells that are linked with blurry vision, the supplement belladonna works well. With this type of dizzy spells, the condition seems to depreciate when the affected person moves. It is likely such a person will fall backward or to the left.

It is vital to read about the homeopathic medication prior to taking it to ensure that it is suitable for you. The belladonna supplement will minimize the effect of head pains that come along with the dizziness. Belladonna further works to reduce the heat in the body that occurs as a side symptom of dizziness.


Belladonna, flower, hearing loss, dizziness

Belladonna flower

  1. Eat Lesser Food Portions

Instead of eating a chunky, big meal for the whole day, eat smaller portions throughout the day. This helps with digestion and can put dizziness at bay. Eating snacks between meals can also help. However, do not skip meals, as this will likely make your dizziness worse.


  1. Phosphorus

Phosphorus is a good cure for shaking vigorously or fainting. This mineral also works in cases where the dizziness occurs in the early parts of the morning due to an unfilled tummy. Organic sources of phosphorus (in foods) include meat, fish, dairy products, and eggs.


  1. Nux Vomica

Nux vomica is a good supplement when you experience dizziness that is similar to the way one would feel in a crowded club.  This is due to the fact that Nux vomica relieves dizziness felt by people who see flashing lights around them in a dim-lit room. Take this as directed on the packaging.


  1. Stop the Medication

Although many of the remedies outlined above are highly beneficial for dizziness, certain other medications may be the actual cause of the dizzy spells. Dizzy spells are a side-effect of anti-seizure drugs and blood-pressure medication to mention but a few.

When you are certain the dizzy spells are being caused by your medication, a consultation with the doctor is a must. It is sometimes best to stop taking that specific medication or alter the dose to get the needed relief.


  1. Water

Dehydration leads to dizziness. Water is a valuable resource for battling dehydration and dizziness. It is a remedy that is highly effective. If you are already experiencing dizzy spells when the water is provided, the water should be sipped slowly. You can exceed the eight glasses per day recommendation if need be. It is vital to continue drinking water during the day even after the dizziness has stopped.


  1. Energy Drinks

Dehydration associated dizziness requires a generous supply of fluid to get remedied. Energy and the range of sports drinks are vital. Lucozade or Powerade among others works well. As a note, sports drinks are likely to work better than energy drinks.


  1.  Feverfew

Another excellent herbal remedy for dizziness is feverfew. It acts to remedy not only dizzy spells but head pains and other symptoms too.Nausea and vomiting that accompanies the dizziness get dampened when feverfew is applied. To remedy the dizziness one needs to munch on a few fresh leaves of this herb and the effect will be seen.

Alternatively, dry out the feverfew leaves and soak them in a glass of boiling water for a few minutes. This will result in a feverfew tea which can be drunk every day for a few weeks.


  1. Chamomile Tea

For dizziness linked to anxiety and nervousness or any other mental strain; having chamomile tea is most effective. Chamomile tea has calming properties and as such, alleviates dizzy spells.


  1. Celery Juice

Having freshly made celery juice works best to cure dizziness related to low blood pressure.  Celery is also used for a range of other conditions. Eating celery may also be able to help.

celery, juice, dizziness

Celery can be mixed with other vegetables or fruits to make the drink taste better

  1. Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

While drinking certain drinks and teas are important when battling dehydration related dizziness, certain substances may, in fact, cause dizziness. Therefore, try to steer clear of caffeine and alcohol. These beverages are more likely to do more harm than good.

If you feel dizzy often, then it may be best to cut these beverages out of your diet entirely.


  1. Pure Honey

Having honey generally cures a wide range of health conditions. Honey is well-reviewed and is virile for the remediation of dizziness. This is because the sugars found in honey can increase your energy levels and thus stands as a barrier against the dizzy spells.

Honey also remedies low blood sugar which more often than not actually causes dizziness. For honey to work as a natural cure, it is best to mix spoons of pure honey and apple cider vinegar in a glass of boiling water. The honey drink must be drunk twice daily

Another way that honey can be consumed is with lemon juice and warm water. The honey-lemon juice solution will provide instantaneous relief from dizzy spells.

Moreover, a teaspoon of honey together with cinnamon powder can be taken every day to cure dizziness.


  1. Yogurt

Yogurt is naturally great and highly nutritional for our healthy living.  According to several reviews, yogurt is said to alleviate dizziness. Simply having a cup of yogurt when dizziness or dizziness associated symptoms occur is ideal.


  1. Ginger

The potency of ginger cannot be overstated. Ginger fights various illnesses and is sometimes more powerful than a couple of other medications. One can munch on fresh ginger or have the needed ginger intake in the form of a tea. Ginger works on bettering your blood circulation and as such, dampens dizzy spells.


  1. Mustard and Salt

Using mustard and salt has been proven to enhance blood circulation. This leads to the dampening of dizziness. For mustard and salt to be an effective remedy, they must be mixed in equal portions with white vinegar. These three ingredients can be stirred into a glass of water and after sipping the mix, dizziness will fade away.


  1. Indian Gooseberry and Coriander Seeds

Indian gooseberries are the cure for many ailments and dizziness is no exception. The Indian gooseberry has a high concentration of vitamins A and C which is vital for healthy living.If the gooseberry is mixed with coriander seeds, the two ingredients can effectively fight against dizzy spells.

Use the gooseberries to make a paste. To this paste, coriander seeds must be added along with a cup of water. The solution must be allowed to rest during the night and one can drink it the following morning. This remedy reduces dizziness so much so that the symptoms will become a thing of the past.

gooseberries, bedwetting

Indian gooseberries

  1.  Breathing

Breathing normally and paying attention to your breathing can alleviate dizzy spells. The counting technique works well to regulate breathing and there is a way to go about this:

  • Inhale, pause, and count to ten.
  • Exhale, pause, and count. Then, inhale again.
  • Repeat the process to regain your respiratory balance

Deep breaths are important and are helpful. You need to pretend there is a gap under the navel that needs refilling with air to breathe effectively. This tactic is best for relieving dizziness and its accompanying symptoms.

Irregular breathing can be a factor that leads to dizziness so it is important if breathing is regularized. This will get you to be calm so the appropriate amount of oxygen can flow to the brain. Anxiety may hamper the normal breathing routine. One has to work on breathing properly again.


  1. Almonds and Pumpkin

To get the best out of the almond and pumpkin cure, other ingredients have to be added to the mix. Add a few tablespoons of wheat as well as a small number of pumpkin seeds and twelve almonds to get the mix remedy.

Once the three ingredients have been combined it is important to let them soak in water during the night. A paste should be made the next morning and cloves can be added to this paste. The paste must thereafter be boiled in milk and sugar can be added for taste. This cure works well as a long-term solution for dizziness.


  1. Lemon Water

In every household, the go-to solution for dizziness and dizzy spells is a glass of lemon water. Lemon water hydrates the body whilst simultaneously raising the glucose levels. The lemon water solution can be made by basically squeezing half a lemon in water and adding a few teaspoons of sugar to the solution. Drink this till you are stabilized.

Lemon, water, mint, bad breath

Lemon water with a sprig of mint

  1. Basil

Basil is another herb that needs to be emphasized for its healing properties and abilities. To halt dizzy spells, basil leaves must be allowed to simmer in a heated pan of milk. The basil milk can be gulped before retiring for the night. This is a long-term remedy


  1.  Ginkgo Biloba

Another herbal remedy is ginkgo biloba and has a wide range of use in the treatment of common illnesses and health infractions. When dizziness is caused by ear imbalances, ginkgo biloba is the solution needed. It releases tension in the inner ear. The leaf can be consumed to get relief. Ginkgo biloba can alternatively be taken in its tablet form.


   28. Conium

Conium is used mostly by elderly people. Dizziness due to having had too much tobacco requires a dosage of conium. Any situation where there appears to be a numbness on the brain whilst a person is in sleeping position also requires conium. Take this as directed on the packaging.


  1. Rest

A lack of sleep leads to dizzy spells. Stress related to work or long spells of continuous work is a reason for not being able to sleep or rest. However, irrespective of the reasons you have to get the required rest.

Having set schedules and better planning can alleviate dizziness due to a lack of rest. A proper sleep of eight hours or more is best

The importance of having breaks and not overworking your body and mind cannot be stressed enough. Breaks and manageable tasks allow for the preservation of energy. When you have the needed energy, dizzy spells will be kept at bay.


  1. Massage

Relaxing and rest are important for a healthy day to day life. Massages are important exercises that can exterminate stress. Rubbing the forehead may provide immediate ease and relieve dizzy spells.Massage with the use of aromatic oils is recommended. The oils often offer certain healing properties to soothe you.

dizziness, massage

A relaxing scalp massage can help to relieve dizziness

  1. Cocculus Indicus

For dizziness encountered during any type of motion; be it when traveling in a car, plane or ship, cocculus indicus can be applied with ease. The remedy is available from herbal stores. Take this as directed on the packaging.


Which of these home remedies are you most likely to try? Comment below with your answer!










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