31 Home Remedies for Inducing Labor

There are a variety of reasons why labor might be induced and top on the list is to avoid placing the unborn fetus and mother in distress. Despite listing the home remedies here, these must be conducted under the supervision of a gynecologist.

Such remedies that promote labor may cause the baby’s heartbeat to increase rapidly. As a result, putting the remedies to use with the permission of a gynecologist or under his or her supervision is vital.


Home Remedies for Inducing Labor


  1. Acupuncture

One tried and tested remedy to induce labor is to use acupuncture. The method involves the use of fine needles which are placed into certain pressure points on the body. The reason acupuncture has been used for many years as the insertion of needles stimulates uterus activity. The particular technique has been known to induce labor as it minimizes the ache associated with natural parturition 

It’s best to seek advice from a qualified doctor or midwife when resorting to this technique. The technique works best if used closer to the due date or when one has not yet delivered post your due date. The method must not be used very far away from the due date.


  1. Balsamic Vinegar 

Using balsamic vinegar in food may promote labor. They say that this trick to induce labor must be moderately used.  It’s best to do further research on this method before actually trying it.


  1. Dates

Dates are one such fruit that is known for its heat. Thus consuming dates towards the end of the pregnancy is sure to speed up the due date. Statistics prove that ladies who included half a dozen dates in their diets prior to their delivery date, experience earlier labor than ladies whose diets did not contain dates.

With dates, contractions last more and thereby causing higher cervical dilatation to happen. Due to higher cervical dilations, the initial stage of labor becomes a shorter period. Ladies who consume dates towards the end of the pregnancy can lead to an earlier and unexpected labor date.

However, having too many dates can upset the tummy. Consumption of dates as previously mentioned increases the heat in the body and hence it is vital to consume boiled milk after eating dates. Dates should best be avoided during earlier pregnancy stages.

dates, anemia

Dried dates

  1. Pineapple

Pineapples work as they contain bromelain. Bromelain is used to promote labor as it dilates the cervix as well as the neck of the womb. to use this home remedy, simply add more pineapple to your diet.

However, having far too many pineapples increases the expecting mother’s chances of suffering from diarrhea. It’s best not to drink pineapple juice during pregnancy. Canned pineapples lack the chance of containing the enzyme necessary to induce labor.


  1. Nipple Stimulation

During sex, the nipples are stimulated. This stimulation causes oxytocin to release. The oxytocin leads to labor contractions.

Another alternative is to self-stimulate the nipples by rubbing the areas surrounding the nipples for a few minutes. A softening moisturizer devoid of fragrance can be applied when massaging the nipples.

The moisturizer will be sure to ease the rubbing process as dry hand rubbing may cause the nipples to hurt. One nipple must be stimulated before the other and must be done thrice daily if one once to increase the chance of inducing labor.


  1. Walking

As simple as this remedy may be, walking is the safest way to promote labor.  Walking post initial contraction can reduce the intervals between contractions. When ladies walk closer to their delivery date, the baby’s head pushes against the cervix and will promote the baby’s chances of passing through the cervix.

The downside of walking is that pregnant ladies may feel drained. Too much walking declines your energy and for the expecting mother, energy is important. The expecting mother needs to keep her energy for the actual labor process and thus the mother needs to be hydrated.


  1. Climb Stairs

Walking up and down stairs is another way to induce labor for people who have a normal pregnancy.  For mothers who are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy climbing stairs or climbing of any form is not recommended.  

With climbing, the baby is moved into the correct position whilst simultaneous asserting pressure on the cervix. Taking the stairs is a good method for mothers who are overdue. Again, ensure that all energy is not lost during the climbing of stairs as energy ought to be preserved for the actual pregnancy.


  1. Castor Oil

Another treatment involves consuming castor oil. Castor oil provokes movement of the gut and uterus and thus causes contractions. Castor oil can be taken in a capsule form or as a juice.

However, too much castor oil cannot be drunk as castor oil does cause diarrhea. Diarrhea results in energy loss as well as dehydration which is very dangerous during pregnancy.

Castor oil has also been linked to causing fetal bowel movements. However, castor oil has not been tested as an effective treatment and thus one cannot say with certainty that there are no side effects of this treatment.

Castor Oil, bloom, palsy

Castor oil plant

  1. Motherwort

Motherwort has been known as the pill or tea that stops the chances of false labor and irregular contractions.  


  1. Basil

They say having basil in food leads to labor. Another way of having basil involves drinking basil infused tea. The properties of basil are that it improves blood circulation and promotes a healthy pregnancy.


  1. Licorice Candies

Licorice is the known treatment for labor. It has prostaglandin which is known to lead to labor. Licorice is a natural laxative and thus promotes labor associated contractions. The best type of licorice is the one without any sugar.


  1. Raspberry Leaf

Raspberry leaf has been noted as a uterine tonic. As such raspberry leaf promotes labor. It’s best to consume raspberry leaf in the form of a tea.  The raspberry leaf works to open up the cervix. The herbal raspberry tea also tones the uterus. Having the tea regularly is known to ease off the contraction related pain.

During the end of pregnancy some women battle with an irritable uterus. Thus having the raspberry tea can tone the uterus and reduce irritable uterus. Another use of the tea is to reduce the belly post-pregnancy as well as to decrease the pain linked to post birth.


  1. Dancing

Dancing as ludicrous as it may seem can lead to labor. This is because the bodily movement is better to promote labor than being stagnant.

Precaution must be taken not to cause any physical strain to the body whilst dancing.  


  1. Fenugreek

Fenugreek promotes uterine contraction which can promote labor.  Drinking fenugreek tea is one of the best ways to use this home remedy. Drink one cup a day until you give birth.

Fenugreek, seeds, balding

Fenugreek seeds

  1. Reflexology

Many people have noted reflexology to be beneficial in leading to childbirth. The thing with reflexology is that it promotes contractions within a day or two. The reason reflexology has been noted as a labor-inducing strategy is because pressing on acupressure points causes labor. Reflexology can be done on either the hands or feet.


  1. Cumin Tea Mix

Consuming cumin tea or alternatively choosing ginger tea, thyme tea, cotton root tea and dry ginger tea has been proven to cause labor. The teas promote contractions. Its best to consult with a doctor before consuming such teas is important.  Doctors can prescribe exactly when one must start consuming these kinds of teas.


  1. Lounging Back on the Sofa

It’s best not to get overly comfortable and laying on your back towards the end of the pregnancy. Taking this position will force the baby to lie on his or her back to making labor almost impossible.  

A better position is to relax on the sofa, right side up. The baby bump must be resting on the couch. Ensure correct positioning using pillows or the elbows. The position is the best for expectant mothers and will force the baby to assume a lateral position too.  


  1. Black or Blue Cohosh 

Black and blue cohosh can be drunk as a tea. The tea is known to cause labor and has been said to be used by midwives during the actual birth process to promote faster contractions. Although it’s been said that midwives use this treatment, it has also said that black or blue cohosh can pose a threat to mother and mother.

Irrespective of the positives of this treatment in speeding up the birth process, research needs to be conducted. And a doctor has to be consulted before the treatment is taken.


  1. Squats

Squats are a safe exercise that can aid in positioning the baby correctly. Mothers to be are encouraged to do exercise. Do squats as often as you like to encourage your body to induce labor.


  1. Spicy Foods

The heat from spiced filled foods is said to promote labor. It is proven that having spicy foods closer to the delivery may work to ripen the cervix. Eat spicy foods as often as you like to try to induce labor.

cayenne, pepper, spice, spicy, flu

Adding cayenne pepper to any meal is sure to make it spicy

  1. Swimming

Swimming has known benefits for pregnancy. Through the physical exertion, swimming engenders labor and this is to be expected. Swimming causes the muscles to contract.


  1. Cotton Root Tea

Yet another beneficial tea is the cotton root tea. This particular tea is known to speed up contractions and can be also used by new mothers to aid in milk production. Drink a cup of this tea each day until you give birth.


  1. Cake

A yummy yet effective remedy is to have a rich chocolate filled cake. The phenylethylamine found in chocolate produces oxytocin and hormones which excite the body in a similar manner as sex. Despite the lack of collected evidence of cake’s role in causing labor, it is a must try a harmless remedy that is too yummy to avoid.


  1. Goldenseal

Goldenseal tablets work best, yet there have been many noted side effects of goldenseal and thus it should not be naively consumed. If you decide to use this home remedy, use the goldenseal as directed on the container.

Goldenseal should only be tried as per the recommendation of the doctor.


  1. Bananas

Banana is a rich source of potassium which has been noted to cause contractions and birth. Simply eat a banana or two a day to promote labor.


  1. Crying or Laughing

 When one indulges in either crying or laughing hormones are released. Such hormones promote labor. Watch a funny or sad movie to get your emotions high or low. Do not hurt yourself to make yourself cry. That will do much more harm than good.

vr, laugh, video, labor

If a video is funny enough, it might make you laugh and cry

  1. Left Foot to Left Ear 

Reaching your left foot with your left ear is mentioned to cause labor. The effectiveness and legitimacy of this treatment have not be proven and should be a last resort remedy. The intense stretch may cause pain and unnecessary muscle strains.


  1. Warm Bath

Warm water has been at numerous times mentioned to ease off any pregnancy related pains. Relax in a warm but ensuring the water is not too hot as this may be harmful to the baby. To enjoy ultimate relaxation add drops of lavender essential oil.


  1. Cinnamon Stick Tea

Cinnamon stick tea as yummy as it sounds works towards ripening the cervix. It must be given to a lady very near to the delivery date to promote birth.

Pregnancy and labor should not be taken lightly. Before choosing any remedy to induce birth, a consultation with the doctor is a must.  


  1. Massage

Massages are an alternative not only to speed up pregnancy but also to stop vomiting and feeling upset during contraction. Massages help alleviate energy loss. Ideally, appoint a professional to give massages during pregnancy.


  1. Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil (EPO) has been proven to ripen the cervix. EPO has to be consumed during the end of your pregnancy. Having evening primrose oil tablets need not be done with working out. Another option is to place the Evening Primrose Oil tablets near the cervix to ensure cervix breakage in the morning.

Never take EPO without acquiring advice from a midwife or doctor first.


evening primrose, flower, essential oil, induce labor, labor

Evening primrose oil comes from this type of flower

Which of these home remedies would you be most likely to try if you were pregnant? Comment with your answer below!










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