47 Home Remedies for the Common Cold

Colds affect a person for 10 days at maximum and a person feels better almost immediately after the bout of cold symptoms has passed. A loss of appetite usually occurs when one is battling with a cold and it is best to avoid eating and not forcing yourself to eat. Colds can easily be overcome with home remedies and sometimes with the help or advice from a few good hands.


Home Remedies for the Common Cold


  1. Avoid Antibiotics

Contrary to beliefs, antibiotics attack bacteria but are not a weapon when battling colds. The antibiotic is no remedy for the cold virus. Having too many antibiotics increases one’s chances of getting antibiotic-resistant bacteria.


  1. Goldenseal

Goldenseal tackles the immune system to release virus-fighting components. 125ml of goldenseal should do the trick once symptoms begin. Alternatively, add goldenseal to a cup of boiling water and cover for a few minutes. Lemon and honey can be added to enhance the taste.


  1. Vitamin C

Many of us already know that taking vitamin C is best for flus and colds. Once symptoms appear, vitamin C should be taken at least six times per day.  Vitamin C can either be taken in supplement form (as directed on the bottle) or in various foods. Some foods that are naturally high in vitamin C include citrus fruits, berries, broccoli, and tomatoes. Diarrhea may occur due to vitamin C overdose and precautions ought to be taken with regards to the dosage. 


  1. Lozenges

Zinc gluconate lozenges are best to suck on from the beginning of the cold. These lozenges can be taken daily but one should avoid prolonged use of these throat cures as too much zinc in the body makes one’s immunity weak. Steer clear of lozenges that have citric acid in them as they affect the mineral’s potency.

    5. Keep Warm

Staying well rested in a warm bed is the root to curing a cold. The rest allows one to savor available energy and use it to battle the flu.


  1.   Head Lift

Performing a head lift while sleeping clears blocked noses. Placing pillows between the mattress and the box spring creates an ideal slope to perform the head lift with ease.


     7. Blowing Your Nose

This cannot be emphasized enough as keeping the mucus inside makes you feel nightmarish. Blowing too hard sends back the germs to the ear passage which may cause pain in the ears. Holding a finger against one’s nostril whilst blowing the other nostril is the best way to effectively clear the nose.

common cold

Woman blowing her nose

  1. Saline Drops

Saline drops take care of any blockages and inflammation in the nasal passage of the nose. This is a great home remedy for any sinus problems in children and adults.

For babies, saline solution is dropped into each nostril and thereafter a bulb syringe is used to get the blocked fluid out of the nose. The bulb should be squeezed and placed in the nostril; thereafter the bulb should be released.


  1. Heat the Sinus

Heat packs can be purchased or made. To make a heat pack at home,  simply heat up a damp cloth in the microwave for about a minute. Once the temperature is perfect it can be applied to the sinus.


  1. Menthol Salve

Insert a small amount of menthol salve under the nose. The strong aroma of menthol unclogs breathing passages. Scents like camphor and menthol numbs the pain.


  1. Nose Massage

Studies prove that rubbing the acupuncture spot known as yingxiang found on the bottom border of the nose eases blockage. This is one way to allow easy flow in your passageways.


  1. Neti pot

The neti pot is a nose-rinsing device that can be bought. The pot contains salt water and can be easily inserted into one nostril while the head is tilted to the other side.


  1. Use a Humidifier

The humidifier is key in getting rid of congestion and mucus build up.  A well-aired space helps with loosening the mucus. Buckets filled with water can be placed near air ducts to help keep rooms moist or the humidifier works wonders too in ensuring a room stays moist.


  1. Gargling

As researched, gargling helps the release phlegm during colds. The gargling trick can stop upper respiratory tract infections.


  1. Steam

Use a towel to cover your head when placing it above a bowl of steaming hot water to which thyme oil can be added. Breathe in deeply through your nose.It is important to be cautious not to lower the face too near to the water as the boiling vapors can burn one’s skin.


  1. Eucalyptus Oil Steam

Inhale the eucalyptus-infused steam whilst closing your eyes. The oil can be an irritant to eyes. It is also good to dab the oil on a tissue and keeps the tissue to the nose to easily help the nose feel less congested.


    17. Steam- Shower

A hot shower is effective when one breathes in the steam which moisturizes the nose. The ambience of warmth is one that is repellant to common colds.


  1. Salt Baths

Like steam showers, scented bath salts cures fatigue bodies. The scent aids in remedying blockage. For the perfect aromatherapeutic bath, Epsom salts can be added along with eucalyptus essential oil, peppermint essential oil and hints of lavender essential oil in a bath filled with warm water. Breathe deeply, ease off the tension and relax.


Woman in a bath

  1. Mustard Foot Bath

Like the sock technique, soaking one’s feet in mustard water causes blood to flow to the feet and thus assisting in relieving blockage. This footbath can be made by adding a tablespoon of mustard powder in a liter of boiled water.


  1. Wet Socks

Remarkably, wearing wet socks to bed causes cold symptoms to subside. The damp socks reduce fever as well as clears blockage by pulling the blood towards the feet. This works in improving blood flow and thus curing congestion as blood no longer stagnates in the area of the blockage.

To try the wet socks method it is preferable to warm feet first. A light sock should be soaked in cool water.  The sock should be wrung and put on the feet before bed. Pulling up a pair of dry woolen socks over the wet socks is a good tactic. The damp sock should be dry by morning and one will feel recovered.


  1. Use a Blow-Dryer.

As ridiculous as the idea of using a dryer to blow away colds may sound, it really helps to get past the condition and get some relief. This is because inhaling warm air destroys the virus in the nose. A hair dryer should be adjusted to warm heat and placed at arm’s length away from the face. The air should be breathed in through the nose for about twenty minutes.

Use a moisturizer after doing this, as it is likely to dry out the skin on your face a little bit.


  1. Fluids

Having fluids like water or juice is beneficial when dealing with colds and this cannot be disputed. These powerful liquids helps one stay hydrated whilst giving the lining of the nose and throat the needed moisture that allows one to get rid of the unwanted mucus. Having many glasses of water during the flu cures dry eyes and many flu symptoms. Other fluids, like caffeine, should be avoided as these fluids causes dehydration.

  1. Carrot Juice

Carrot juice is a cure for most things including coughs, common colds, and other irritations that might arise from time to time. This juice supplies essential minerals that your body needs for optimal working.

carrot, juice, dye

Carrot juice and carrots

    24. Sip Warm Liquids

These may be tea, warmed apple juice, or the soup. This is advisable to try, as the warm liquids allow more mucus to flow and relieves blockage.


  1. Chicken Soup 

Chicken soup has been a proven cold remedy and is the cure often advised by older generations. This soup has the ability to stop the neutrophils from congregating or leading to swelling.  This outcome makes it impossible for lots of mucus to be produced and simultaneously thinning the phlegm.


    26.Red Pepper Flakes

Soup is known for its benefits in fighting colds but it’s even better a cure when red pepper flakes are added to it. The heat from the soup clears one’s digestive tract and causes decongestion.


  1. Mullein Tea

Mullein tea is another super cure. This tea works to provide relief to blocked chests. Dried mullein leaves must be added to boiling water for a few minutes. Honey can be added to the tea. The tea should be drunk throughout the day.

  1. Ginger Tea

Ginger works to stop the production of compounds that lead to bronchial congestion and blockage. It also stops a cough that might arise from the common cold.


  1. Milk and Turmeric

This golden milk mixture battles any cold. It is safe to be drunk by adults and children. Golden milk need not be drunk only for flu but to maintain one’s overall health also. To make this, simply mix a tablespoon of turmeric powder with a cup of milk.

turmeric, spice

Turmeric root and powder

    30. Cinnamon

Cinnamon has always been the cure for dry throats. Just like when making cinnamon tea, a spoon of powdery cinnamon can be added alongside two cloves in boiling water. The mixture should be allowed to come to boil. Thereafter,  the mixture should be strained. Honey can be added to improve the flavor of the drink.

Another alternative to get the needed cinnamon intake is by mixing cinnamon bark oil with honey and having that instead.

  1. Honey

Honey is known as the throat cure relieving any irritation in the throat. This home remedy solution is said to reduce the lifespan of colds as well. Honey is rich in beneficial enzymes that destroy the virus and bacterium associated with colds.

A potent cold cure is to take a teaspoon of lemon juice mixed with two spoons of honey. This mixture should be taken often during the day to relieve throat irritations. Also, ingesting a spoon of raw honey is also a solution.


    32. Honey and Brandy

Brandy is known to keep the body and chest warm. Honey is a cure for sore throats and coughs. Thus, mixing the two aids in easing coughing and cold conditions at any time of the year.


    33. Honey and Onion

Honey can be mixed with onion for the ultimate potion. Onions have anti-inflammatory properties and the combination releases phlegm from within the depths of the abdomen or chest spheres.


  1. Red Onion

The red onion syrup is a potent remedy for cold patients. The syrup can be made using red onions and brown sugar or honey. The sliced onions should be placed in a dish of pure honey. The dish should be covered for a day. Once the cover is lifted, a thick liquid solution should be seen. This liquid should be taken throughout the day to ease the pain in one’s throat and fight other flu symptoms.

red onion, onion, common cold

Red onion slices

  1. Astragalus

This capsule must be taken twice a day and must be stopped once a full recovery has occurred to preserve your body equilibrium. It can be taken a week after the symptoms have ceased to avoid a relapse.This herb builds up the immune system and aids in the fight against flus. Take the capsules as directed on the bottle.


  1. Garlic Mix

Garlic’s antiseptic properties do the trick of battling the cold-causing viruses. .Garlic destroys germs and promotes the secretion of killer cells which acts as germ warriors in the immune system. Keeping a clove in one’s mouth whilst breathing the fumes into the throat or lungs helps you to feel naturally better. If this is too strong, pieces of cloves could be chewed and swallowed with water. Garlic can also be added to soups and other meals to gain its health benefits.


  1. Mustard Plaster

Add water to a few spoons of mustard seeds. The paste should be applied to the chest. The strong scent of mustard unblocks the sinuses and the heat from the paste betters circulation. Leaving the plaster on for prolonged periods may cause the skin to burn. Applying petroleum jelly before applying the paste prevents burning.

mustard seeds, seeds, spice, common cold

Mustard seeds

    38. Horseradish

Horseradish is known for its antiseptic properties and also works to decongest. Horseradish should be eaten after meals to avoid an upset tummy.


  1. Radish

Garden radish, although not as potent as horseradish, can also work for people who are more sensitive.  Eating radishes aids in curing blockages. To use this home remedy, you can either add radishes to your meal or eat them on their own.


    40. Flaxseeds

The smooth feel of boiled flax seeds which have become thick once strained is best when added to lime juice or honey. This works to cure coughs and colds. You can simply drink this beverage as a tea up to three times a day to receive its health benefits.Apple

    41. Apple Cider Vinegar 

Apple cider vinegar can be made into a tea or sipped. Add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to hot water. Honey or lemon juice can be added to the solution to give it taste.The strong solution works quickly when used more regularly.


  1. Jaggery Solution

Jaggery relieves blocked chests. To boiled water, cumin, jaggery, and black pepper should be added to make this solution. Drink daily in the mornings and evening till you feel better.


  1. Betel Leaves 

Crushing the leaves is important so betel juice can be released.This juice should be mixed with honey and taken after meals. It helps relieve a cough.


  1. Oregano Oil

Oregano has valuable chemicals which aid in healing and building up the immune system. The terpene component contained by oregano has antiviral abilities. The carvacrol component aids in battling pathogens.

Alternatively, you can simply add fresh or dried oregano to your meals to receive similar health benefits.


  1. Elderberry

Elderberry tincture drops should be taken when flu symptoms appear to cure colds. This can be got from the local shops or herbal outlets.


  1. Exotic Syrup

Syrups are recovery tea infused with honey. To make this involves using marshmallow root and licorice root which are known for their healing abilities.

To make easy syrup alternative, combine herbs, cinnamon, and ginger in a bowl and add the cups of cold water.  This mixture should simmer till it is reduced. The herbs must be strained and the liquid must be re-poured into the bowl. On low heat, add honey and allow resting for a few minutes. The mixture should be taken daily

    47. Coconut Salve

Coconut salve is a good vapor. On a double boiler melt a half cup of coconut oil. Take off heat and pour into an airtight container.  Add in drops of essential oil and reseal to allow cooling. Once at the perfect temperature, rub on chest or below the nostrils. Store the vapor in a dark and cool place.

The above-mentioned remedies are tried and tested cures to ease the symptoms experienced from colds but if the sickness persists for longer than two weeks, the use of these home cures should be stopped and a doctor must be consulted.

Which of these home remedies are you likely to try? Do you have any home remedies of your own? If so, comment below!











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