8 Effective Natural Home Remedies For Sleep Talking

Do You Sleep Talk?

Do you or someone in your household talk in their sleep? About half of all young children and five percent of all adults talk in their sleep on some sort of regular basis.

Most people only talk for a few seconds a night, but some can hold whole conversations. Some words may be hard to understand, while some may be yelled out. People who sleep talk don’t remember what they were talking about in the night.

sleep talking

There is no known reason on why people talk in their sleep. It is not dangerous to talk unless it comes with other things. Some people scream and move around violently in their sleep. This is a kind of ‘night terror’. Other people get up and eat in their sleep. If you or someone you know does either of these things, take them or yourself to a sleep specialist.

Sleep talking isn’t a dangerous medical issue. It’s not even a health problem. It might just be annoying if you sleep near someone who talks in their sleep a lot. If sleep talking isn’t the cause of night eating or night terrors, then here are some home remedies that may help to lessen or eliminate sleep talking.

8 Home Remedies For Sleep Talking

#1. Have a Consistent Sleep Schedule

Some sleep researchers say that having a consistent sleep schedule is a good natural remedy to lessen the occurrence of sleep talking. Pick a time to go to bed and wake up at the same time every, or almost every, day. Make sure that when you do this you get enough sleep. Getting too little sleep may cause you to sleep talk more.

#2. Avoid Drinking and Heavy Meals

Avoid drinking alcohol, drinks with caffeine in them, and eating heavy meals before you go to bed. This can affect how you sleep. You will be able to sleep more soundly if you follow these tips, limiting the amount of sleep talking you do.

#3. Manage Stress

Sometimes sleep talking is a result of being too stressed. Find ways to reduce stress during the day.

If you’re stressed out at night, don’t go to bed during right away. Find a way to calm down before going to bed. Taking a warm bath or reading a book may be a good home remedy for sleep talking.

#4. Exercise

Sometimes blood may not be flowing correctly in your body. Exercise can help get your blood moving like it’s supposed to. Even just taking short walks or trying yoga can help. Try these natural remedies to see if they help to limit your sleep talking.

#5. Talk About Your Problems

Sometimes people with sleep talking problems also are over-stressed or mentally depressed. If you or your partner is sleep talking, you should try to talk out your problems with each other. A small talk before bed to get rid of each other’s stresses can do a great deal to fix each other’s sleep talking problem.

#6. Avoid Horror Movies

Sometimes when a person is sleep talking they are seeing horrible images in their heads. If you’re going to watch a movie before bed, make sure it’s not a horror movie. Watching funny or romantic movies are fine, as those should not cause traumatic images.

#7. Play Soothing Music

If you have access to it, play music that you find soothing as you are falling asleep. Keep it playing as you sleep. Listening to something calming, even while asleep is a good natural home remedy that can help to reduce the amount of sleep talking.

#8. Medications

Talk to your doctor about the medications that you are taking. Some medicines may cause more sleep talking, or even cause sleep talking if you didn’t already do it. Some medicines even may be able to lessen sleep talking.

Hopefully, some of these natural home remedies can help you lessen your sleep talking. Because sleep talking isn’t actually a disease, there’s no real cure. There are just ways to lessen it and guesses on ways to cure it.

Scientists are doing studies to try to figure out how exactly sleep talking works, but until they figure it out, there are only ways to lessen it. Good luck!

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