49 Home Remedies for Itching

Body itching is one of the most irritating and uncomfortable things. Medically known as pruritus, body itching is a sensation that forces the victim to scratch the affected area of the skin.

Itching can be general or at a particular place of the body. Sometimes scratching the body gives you some sort of relief, but that is not effective for all forms of itching. Depending on the cause, some itching lasts longer and creates much discomfort. There are several causes of body itching, including allergies, environmental conditions, insect bites, skin rashes, medical prescriptions, cosmetics, and medical conditions among others. Below are some details on some of the most common causes of itching.

Insect bite: there are several insects whose bite become a great deal of irritation and itching. A bite of insects including ants, bed bugs, fleas, bees, mosquitoes, lice, mites among others can cause itching and even redness of the skin.

Skin Conditions: skin conditions like eczema, chicken pox, skin rash, scabies, psoriasis, and hives are all causes itching. These causes of itching can be dealt with by treating the main cause of the disease. But you can in the meantime, have some relief by finding an effective remedy to treat the itching.  

Dry Skin: dryness of the skin is one of the major causes of itching. Having a dry skin means you can be subjected to itching as the moisture which is a natural barrier between the skin and the environment is non-existing. Dryness of the skin can be caused by cold or hot weather conditions with low humidity.

Reaction to Medicine: there are some medications, especially antibiotics and antifungal that causes the body to react and result in itching.

Allergies: consuming something you are allergic to, being it food, cosmetic products, wool, and chemical can cause itching,

Internal Diseases: As skin diseases cause itching, there some internal diseases that cause itching. Diseases like anemia, lymphoma, kidney failure, and thyroid conditional can all results in symptoms including itching.

Symptoms of body itching include the scaly texture of the skin, redness of the skin, dry skin, bumps, or blisters. Even though there are several causes of body itching, it is worth mentioning that there are equally effective remedies for it. Let us now delve into some effective remedies for body itching.


Home Remedies for Itching

  1. Essential Oil

Essential oils contain anti-inflammatory and soothing properties; hence, it has the ability to relieve you of body itching. You can either apply it to the itchy area directly (diluted in a carrier oil) or have a few drops of water and bath with it. You can choose one of the following essential oils: basil oil, clove oil, jewelweed oil, chickweed oil, lavender oil, geranium oil, thyme oil, rosemary oil, nettle oil, neem oil, peppermint oil, calendula oil, bay leaf oil, agrimony oil, and chamomile oil.

essential oils, diffuser

Diffusers are another way to use essential oils

  1. Oil Therapy

Oil therapy is also one effective way of relieving yourself from the discomfort of body itching. You can massage the affected place with sesame, olive, or almond oil before and after having your bath. You need to do this every day until the condition is treated.


  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is very efficient and has numerous medicinal value and can be effective in body itching. Apply the aloe vera gel to the affected body part will relieve you of the irritation. Aside from that, it moisturizes the skin and reduces the dryness that causes itching. Aloe vera also serves as a protective layer and prevents dirt from entering the body.


  1. Baking Soda

Having a baking soda bath can relieve you of your body itching in no time. All you need is to soak your body in a bath of baking soda for thirty minutes to an hour. To do this, put one cup of baking soda into a tub of warm water and soak your body in it.

If the itching is at a particular part of the body, make a paste of baking soda and apply to the area. Wash it off after thirty minutes and clean dry.


  1. Lemon Juice

You can apply lemon juice directly to any part of the body where you experience itching. The lemon may sting, especially when there is a cut at the affected area, but rest assured that you will be relieved of the irritation of the itching.

You can also add some lemon juice to your bathing water. Either of these two lemon home remedies can be done until the condition improves.


Fresh squeezed lemon juice will work the best for this home remedy

  1. Oatmeal

Mixing oatmeal with water and spreading it on your body can actually save you from your irritated and itching body. Just add two cups of oatmeal to lukewarm water in a bath and soak your body in it. It is advisable not to use hot water, as that can even intensify your itch.


  1. Cold Shower/ Cold Compress

Having a cold bath can instantly save you from the discomfort of your itchy body. Bathing cold water blocks the nerve fibers that transmit the itching sensation and leave it dead. You can also use cold water or ice pack on the affected area.


  1. Milk

Milk contains anti-inflammatory properties capable of working on itchy skin. It soothes the inflamed and dry skin and removes itching. Simply pour some milk into a bowl. Dip a clean washcloth or cotton ball in the milk and apply to the itching area. Leave it for five minutes before washing it off. Using dairy-based milk will work best for this home remedy.


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is also great for eliminating body itching. If the itch is in a particular area, dip a cotton ball in an apple cider vinegar and apply to the area. You may also add two or three cups of vinegar to your bath and soak your body in it for fifteen to thirty minutes. This will help you deal with itching in all parts of the body.


  1. Beeswax

Eczema and psoriasis are a great cause of body itching, but with the assistance of honey, olive oil, and beeswax, your worries can end. Combining these three ingredients in equal parts can give you a great relief.

Melt the beeswax in a pan under low heat. After it melts, remove from heat and add olive oil and honey. Stir until you have a perfect mix. You can now pour the mixture into an airtight container and refrigerate it. Apply this to the itchy area from time to time, as needed.


  1. Honey

Honey is a rich source of antioxidant and antimicrobial agents, hence, its effectiveness in skin care. Slightly heat two tablespoons of honey and apply on the skin while still warm. Wash it off after fifteen minutes. This will keep the body moisturized and treat the condition. Repeat this twice daily.


  1. Coconut Oil

Most body itching is as a result of dryness of the body, and this normally happens in the winter because of very dry weather conditions. Applying coconut oil overnight on a spot of dryness can improve the situation.

You can also add drops of coconut oil to a bath and soak your body in it. Wait until your finger shrivel, which is a sign of hydration. Pat the skin dry and apply coconut oil; this should relieve you of the itching.

coconut oil

Solidified coconut oil

  1. Mint

Mint has anesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties due to its menthol content. You can prepare mint tea rinse to treat your body itch. All you need is to boil a mint leave for about five minutes. Strain it and wait until it cool to room temperature. Dip a clean cloth or cotton ball in the tea and apply on the itchy area.


  1. Juniper Berry Mix

A combination of butter, cloves, and juniper berries is one of the great ways of resolving itchy skin. Juniper berries contain inflammatory properties while cloves contain eugenols. First, melt three ounces of butter in a saucepan and melt a lump of beeswax. Combine the two and stir before adding three teaspoons of clove and five tablespoons of juniper oil. Apply the mixture to the affected area after it cools.


  1. Thyme

Thyme contains thymol, which has anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties. It is able to contain the itching and reduce the inflammation caused by scratching the body. To prepare thyme rinse, boil a ½ ounce of dried thyme leaves in a jar of water for about ten minutes. Strain it and wait until it cools. Apply the tea to the itchy area using a clean cloth or cotton ball.


  1. Glycerine

Glycerine moisturizes the body and able to maintain the body fluid due to its humectant properties. It is also able to help in body cooling; hence, its use in many skin care products. Applying glycerin to your dry skin keeps it hydrated and prevents itching. Use this remedy two times daily.

glycerin, soap,

Glycerin soap will also work for this home remedy

  1. Hydration

The majority of body itching results from dryness of the skin; this can be resolved by taking in a lot of fluid. Taking in lots of water and fruits, especially watermelon, will prevent dryness of the skin. Excessive water intake can get rid of toxins accumulate in the body that may be a cause of itching. Try to drink at least eight glasses of water a day to be well-hydrated.


  1. Humidify the Environment

Humidifying your room or environment will create moisture in the atmosphere and save the skin from dryness. This will subsequently prevent body itching that results in dryness. Simply use a humidifier to do this.


  1. Healthy Diet

Having a healthy diet is very important for the wellbeing of the human body. Consuming food enriched with Vitamin A, B, and E are vital in eliminating dry skin and vice versa. Most fruits are abundant in the mentioned vitamins and eating them will hydrate the body.


  1. Camphor and Coconut Oil

A mixture of camphor and coconut oil is a great way of treating body itch. Just grind 1 gm of the camphor into a powdered form and mix with 20 gm of coconut oil. Apply it to the itchy area. This will instantly give you relief. It is also able to protect the skin from several skin diseases.


  1. Neem

The neem plant is very effective when it comes to relieving you of the itchy body. The plant contains quercetin, which has anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-acne, and anti-bacterial properties. Therefore, the leaves, bark, and oil of the neem plant works effectively on dry skin and prevents itching. You can boil the neem leave and have a bath with it or drink. Another way is to apply neem oil to the affected area.

neem, leaves, herb, chickenpox

Neem leaves

  1. Triphala Churna

Taking in Triphala churna at night before retiring to bed is also an effective remedy for body itching. Take 4 gms of it each night. You must avoid eating spicy foods while taking Triphala churna. Use it every night to treat your condition.


  1. Black Pepper

Mixing black pepper with cow butter is another way of treating the itchy body. Add a gram of black pepper to 10 gm of cow butter and mix. Take this on an empty stomach for three weeks to give you relief from recurring itching.

Note: wait until 2hrs before eating. Repeat it twice every day until you are treated.


  1. Mustard Oil and Neem

A combination of mustard oil and neem leaves works like magic on the itchy body. You first have to heat mustard oil and later add black leaves to it. After the leaves darken, turn the fire off, and leave it to cool. Filter the oil and you can now store in a bottle. Apply this to the itchy part three times daily. Within a few days, the itching should stop.


  1. Fenugreek Seed

Fenugreek seeds are effective in treating several skin conditions, including eczema, boils, and burns. It contains antibacterial and antifungal agents that clear the skin of any toxins. Just mix powdered methi seed with a teaspoon of chickpea flour and plain yogurt. Apply it on the affected area and wait until it dries. You can now wash it off with warm water.

You can also prepare a fenugreek paste with coconut oil and ground fenugreek seeds and apply at the affected place.


  1. Sesame Seed Oil

Sesame seed oil has a great penetrating power and able to moisturize the skin once applied. This deals with the dryness of the skin and nourishes it. It also serves as a sunscreen to the body. Apply a little sesame seed oil to the itchy area and with time, it will save you from the discomfort.


  1. Tulsi Leaves

Tulsi leaves contain thymol, eugenol, camphor properties, which deals effectively with skin irritation and itching. Boil the tulsi leaves for about ten minutes. Wait for it to cool and apply it on the affected area. You can also add it to your bath and soak in it for some minutes if the itching is all over the body.

tulsi, leaves, purple basil, herb, itching

Tulsi leaves

  1. Coconut Milk

Coconut milk can be a great moisturizer as it removes all dryness that aggravates itching due to its oil content. All you need is to apply the coconut milk to the affected area in the morning and while going to bed. It will penetrate deep into the skin and deal with the dryness.


  1. Juniper Berries and Cloves

A combination of juniper berries and cloves can work excellently in dealing with body itching. While juniper berries have anti-inflammatory properties, cloves also contain an essential oil that penetrates into the body to reduce the itching.

To use this remedy, first melt some unsaturated butter in a saucepan. Use another saucepan to melt beeswax and combine the two. You can now add five tablespoons of juniper berries and three tablespoons of ground cloves. Stir the content to mix well and allow to cool. You can now apply the mixture on the affected area while retiring to bed. Wash this off in the morning by taking a cool shower. Use this daily until the condition improves.


  1. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is rich in antioxidant, analgesic, and antiseptic properties that can deal with body itching. It also has a soothing effect that can help reduce the effects of the itching. All you need is to fill your bathtub with warm water. Add some drops of peppermint oil to it and soak in for one hour. You can now pat dry and use a moisturizing cream. You can use this remedy once every day.

Alternatively, you can add drops of peppermint oil to a carrier oil like almond, olive oil, or coconut oil and mix well. Apply this to the affected area gently to penetrate deep into the skin. You can use this once or twice daily as needed.


  1. Basil

Basil is one of the effective herbs for treating body itching. It contains eugenol, an effective oil with anesthetic properties. This herb also contains the compounds, camphor, and thymol, that can deal with itching from the root. All you need is to add a tablespoon of basil leaves to one cup of boiling water. Let it boil for about ten minutes and remove from fire. Allow it to cool and using a cotton ball, apply this to the affected area. Use this until the condition improves.

You can alternatively crush some basil leaves and apply directly to the affected area. Rinse it off after it dries.


  1. Clay

Using clay on your itching body can actually help in relieving the discomfort. It can help to relieve the itching caused by insect stings and bites. When clay is applied, it removes any venom out of the skin to subdue the itching.

One of the best clays for this process is green clay. All you need is to add a little water to the clay and make a paste of it. Apply this paste to the affected area and leave until it dries. You can now wash off and reapply when necessary.


  1. Avoid Harsh Detergents

It is very important to choose the right detergent or skin soap when you have itching body. You cannot use strong soap for sensitive skin when you have body itching. Also, for your washing, do not use harsh detergent. Rinse the clothes several times with fresh water to remove traces of the detergents used.

detergent, soap, laundry, itching

All-natural plant based detergents, or detergents made for sensitive skin, are best to use

  1. Avoid Scratching the Area

It is very tempting to scratch your body when it itches. However, despite it giving you some form of quick relief, it can aggravate the condition. When you scratch the affected place, it releases chemicals from the body, which causes further spread and infections, especially when the itching is due to eczema or other skin diseases. Scratching can also cause skin breaks and scarring.


  1. Relax

Stressing yourself can worsen your body itching due to the effects of stress on your hormones. You can, therefore, employ some measures and techniques to reduce stress. You can meditate, do yoga, and other minor exercises to relieve your stress.


  1. Moisturizing Cream

Body itching is mostly caused by dry skin and once the skin is moisturized, it would not have a breeding ground. There are several moisturizing creams in the market and having one at home would necessary. Apply it is dry weather conditions to save you from dryness of the skin.


  1. Wear Cotton Clothing

If you prone to body itching, it is better, you avoid wearing wool and polyester clothing. It would be appropriate when you wear 100% cotton clothing to help minimize the itching.


  1. Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol can dehydrate the body and high intake of it would make the body dry and eventually create itching. So, for quick healing of your body itching, you need to stay away from anything that dehydrates the skin including alcohol and caffeine.


  1. Garlic

Garlic has strong antibiotic, antifungal, and infection-fighting properties that have been used in medicine for centuries.  This makes garlic a great home remedy for the treatment of itching. Garlic also contains high amounts of vitamin C which will assist in strengthening the immune system and help your body fight the infection.

Garlic paste can be applied topically to the infected areas as an effective way to combat the infection. This spice can also be added as a taste enhancing ingredient to many home-cooked dishes such as casseroles, soups, bolognese, and burritos.


Garlic. Cloves and whole garlic.

  1. Ghee

Ghee has components that fight inflammation, bacterial, fungal, and other infections. They are capable of depressing any swelling and will soothe your membranes.

To ward off itching, get some Ghee heated and use your index finger to apply to your affected body segment. Wash your hand thoroughly with soap and water after use You can reapply this remedy a few times daily until the itching stops.


  1. Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is effective for dealing with a skin disorder and can eliminate psoriasis and eczema. Those itching and burning sensations are relieved with Epsom salt treatment and here is how to go about it: fill your bathtub with warm water and add two cups of Epsom salt Immerse in this bath for at least twenty minutes. Do this every other day to get relief.


  1. Avoid Steroid Creams

Steroid creams are hyperactive and can lead to skin damage when used on sensitive spots, leading to cracks and thinness. If your skin is open due to wounds, do not use these creams so that other infections do not result. Severe inflammation can also result from steroid cream use.  They are also to be avoided on young children completely.


  1. Fiber

Constipation can lead to itching in your affected body segment and when treated, itching will cease.  An increase in your fiber consumption is recommended when you are constipating and this will expedite digestion and promote soft stooling. Eat more of carrots, prunes, fresh fruits, peas, broccoli, quinoa, and brown rice to naturally add more fiber to your diet.

pumpkin, soup, belching

Pumpkin soup can be of additional help, as it is full of fiber

  1. Fruit Peels

You can also get relief from that itching when you use fruit peels like watermelon rind, orange peels, and banana peels. Rub these peels on the spot to get some relief. Wash off after twenty minutes using lukewarm water. Repeat the process a couple of times daily to get the best results.


  1. Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly causes a layer of lubrication to result around your irritated part so that friction and irritation are reduced. At any time you have a sensation of irritation, apply the petroleum jelly immediately around the affected spot gently. The cooling sensation will reduce burning and itching. Use this remedy twice daily to deepen the relieving effects. If the itching is severe, use a combination of two or more remedies on this outline.


  1. Ginger

Ginger is a fantastic home treatment for itching.  It can simply be grated and added into curries, stews, and stir-fry dishes as a healthy flavor enhancer.  Ginger also makes a delicious tea which is easily prepared by boiling ginger in water for a few minutes before straining and drinking. Simply adding more ginger to your diet can help to reduce itching sensations.


  1. Calendula

Calendula can be taken orally as a tea or applied directly to infected areas. Be sure to only use the amount directed as applying calendula too heavily can cause the skin infections to ooze and weep and this aggravates the itching. This treatment will minimize the pain and discomfort of the infection, as well as clear it up.


  1. Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey has excellent anti-microbial properties and can be applied to infected regions as a worthy remedy. Apply the honey as often as needed to see results.


  1. Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is well known for its antibacterial properties. This can be used successfully to prevent wounds and burns from becoming infected if applied regularly.  Due to these properties, colloidal silver also makes a good cure for treating itching at home. Be sure to buy genuine colloidal silver from a reputable pharmacy or source and apply it to the infected region after cleaning with water.

colloidal silver, medicine, itching

This needs to be purchased, not made

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