10 Exercises to Eliminate Man Boobs

“Man boobs,” also known simply as “moobs” are medically known as gynecomastia. This health problem is common in older men. It usually begins occurring in men who are around 50 years old, but it can happen to men of any age. This article will discuss some of the causes of gynecomastia and some of the exercises you can use to reduce the fat on the chest. By doing these exercises you can say goodbye to your man boobs and say hello to a muscular set of pecks.



While men tend to develop man boobs as they age, it is not the actual aging that is the primary cause for the change. With age comes hormone changes. This is totally natural. A man’s first major hormonal change occurs when he first goes through puberty. As a man ages, he will likely go through other hormonal changes, which sometimes result in a hormonal imbalance. This can encourage fact to accumulate in the chest, resulting in gynecomastia. Some of the other causes of gynecomastia are listed below.

  • Obesity
  • Alcoholism
  • Drug use
  • Genetics
  • Autoimmune diseases

While exercising can do a lot of good, you are going to need to treat these other factors if you want to entirely get rid of your man boobs. So, stop drinking, don’t use drugs, and diet. If you want to learn more about balancing your hormones you can read our article 29 Home Remedies for Hormonal Imbalances alongside the exercises listed below. The best part is that you can do almost all of these exercises at home. The only necessary equipment for most of the exercises is a pair of dumbbells.


Exercises to Diminish Man Boobs

  1. Use a Rowing Machine

Rowing machines have built-in resistance, so you do not need to use any additional weights. Using a rowing machine not only exercises your chest, but also your shoulders and arms. Use a rowing machine at least once a week, for about half an hour, or several times a week for shorter intervals.


  1. Rowing Exercises

As an alternative to using a rowing machine, you can simply make rowing motions while holding onto a set of weights. If you are new to using weights, begin with a lightweight so you do not strain yourself. As you become used to the weight, you can begin using heavier dumbbells. With one weight in each hand, make a rowing motion. Like the rowing machine, this workout will also workout your chest, arms, and back. Follow along with the video below if you are unsure how to do this exercise.


  1. Goblet Squat

We’re not sure that anyone likes squats, but they’re a necessity when it comes to most workout routines.  You will need one dumbbell or a kettlebell to do this exercise. This exercise is fairly easy to understand. Follow the instructions below to learn how it’s done.


  1. Stand with your feet as you would if you were to do a normal squat.
  2. Hold the weight with both of your hands; hold it up near the center of your chest.
  3. Do a squat.
  4. Repeat.

It’s as simple as that. The weight adds extra resistance and forces your arms to put in some work. It also provides the added benefit of working out your legs and back at the same time. While it may not seem like it while you are doing the exercise, this is a great move for eliminating your man boobs.


  1. Push-Ups

Any type of push-up will be able to reduce the fat around your chest. This is because push-ups are a full upper-body exercise. Whether you realize it or not, a push-up work out your chest, arms, core, and back. Try to do push-ups during each one of your workouts. Do as many as you can. As your fitness improves, you will see that you can do more pushups as time goes on.


  1. Svend Press

You may have never heard of this exercise, but it’s great for getting rid of man boobs. You will only need one dumbbell or kettlebell for this exercise. Hold the weight with your arms outstretched in front of you. Slowly move your arms closer to your chest by bending at the elbows. Don’t move your shoulders. Repeat this movement at least ten times during your workout.


  1. Chin-Up

You might be starting to catch on and notice that basically any exercise that involves your arms will also help to exercise your chest. This is the major reason why doing chin-ups can be effective. For this exercise, you will need a bar that is strong enough to hold all of your body weight. It is best to try this at a gym, rather than using your shower rod, which likely won’t work.

Try to do as many chin-ups as you can in a single session. When you first begin trying this exercise, you may find that you cannot even do one chin-up, but that’s normal. It’s like they say, “practice makes perfect.” Practice until you can do one, and then try to do one more during every workout.


  1. Resistance Band

Using a resistance band is a creative way to exercise your arms and eliminate man boobs without using dumbbells. Like dumbbells, resistance bands come in different “weights.” The word “weights” is in quotations because it’s not the actual band that weighs more, it’s the resistance that it provides. While carrying the resistance band will not be heavy, using it will feel like you are using weights.

Use the photo below to get a good idea of the many poses and moves you can do with a resistance band. You can also click on the photograph to be redirected to an Amazon page for a quality resistance band that comes in various resistance weights.

Resistance band, exercise, ad, man boobs

Resistance band exercises


  1. Dumbbell Press

As the name of this exercise implies, you will need a pair of dumbbells to do this exercise. Start by laying on the floor. Hold one weight in each hand. Next, slowly raise the weights over your head and then put your arms back down. Your elbows should gently touch the floor. Repeat this movement about ten to twenty times per exercise routine.

There are a couple of ways to make this exercise more challenging, which helps it to work out additional body parts. Not only does changing things up to eliminate man boobs, but it can also help to tighten your core. One of the most popular of these exercises is a crunch dumbbell press. To do this, hold your shoulders off the ground. To make the exercise more challenging you can also hold your legs up, either bending at the knees or holding them straight up. Once you have decided on the position to take, do the dumbbell press.

Like any other dumbbell exercise, begin by using lighter weights and work your way up to using heavier weights. This will make sure that you do not overexert yourself.


  1. Bench Press

A bench press has more in common with a dumbbell press than not. It has the same movement, but people who do bench presses usually use heavier weights or barbells. This would be an exercise to do once you have mastered the dumbbell press. The other key difference between a bench press and a dumbbell press is that you need a bench to do it. Instead of laying on the floor, you will lay on a bench. That’s all there is to it!


  1. Flyes

Flyes are a type of exercise that can be done with dumbbells or with resistance bands. In these types of exercises, you need to hold one weight in each hand or one end of the resistance band in each hand. Hold your hands out so that they are horizontal. Bring the weights/resistance band to the center of your chest and back out again. Watch the video below to see exactly how it’s done.


Do you know of any other great chest exercises? If so, post a link to a video of the exercise in the comment section below!











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