Health Benefits of Retinol

The Amazing Health Benefits of Retinol

Of all the skincare ingredients available today, none garners as much hype as retinol and for good reason! Here’s the truth: After sunscreen, the number one most important skincare ingredient is, without a doubt, retinol. Keep reading to learn all about the amazing health benefits of retinol!

Being able to effectively and safely combat the effects of aging with a simple yet potent skincare ingredient is a game-changer. Imagine being able to rid yourself of undesirable age-related skin concerns without having to resort to more extreme measures.

Here’s the best part: you don’t need a prescription to buy or use retinol! Unlike retinoids, which can be harsh and require a doctor’s prescription, retinol is the complete opposite. Its concentration is milder. Therefore, it’s gentler on your skin. Anyone at any time can pick up and start incorporating retinol into their skincare routine.

Health Benefits of Retinol

The list of benefits retinol possesses for your skin’s health and youth are numerous. One of the biggest benefits of using retinol every night is its potent ability to erase wrinkles and age spots. This is huge! Wrinkles and age spots are among the first signs people notice as you age.

One of retinol’s greatest benefits for your skin is its ability to boost the production of collagen and increase the rate of skin cell turnover. This is cosmetic science at its best! Increasing the rate of skin cell turnover means that younger skin cells reach the surface of your skin at a much faster rate!

Collagen is the “stuff” your skin is composed or made up of. As we age, both the amount of collagen in our skin and the rate of skin cell turnover begin to decrease. Thankfully, using retinol as part of your skincare routine can reverse this trend and grant you a more youthful energetic appearance.

The effects that retinol has on the skin are almost unbelievable.  Without a doubt, you will receive more compliments on your appearance from friends, family members, and strangers alike! Here are even more benefits to using retinol for eternal youth today:

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