How I Started Taking Cinnamon

How I Started Taking Cinnamon

We are all looking for an ideal health remedy, right? The one that we can easily add to our diet, packed with many health benefits and no side effects. Encapsulated cinnamon became such a remedy for me. Here are my personal experience and investigations that lead me to include cinnamon in my daily routine without looking back!

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Cinnamon isn’t just a spice that perks up your food. It’s also undoubtedly beneficial when it comes to improving some ailments and health conditions. I was searching for some metabolism boosting yet gut-friendly remedy that will help me achieve my weight-loss goals, boost fat burn naturally, and provide my body with the missing nutrients. I never trusted aggressive chemical weight-loss remedies. Personally, I believe all we need is already provided by Mother Nature.

My Story

I was never obese but always struggled to lose a few pounds to get into my perfect shape. Long evenings after a stressed day at work eating junk food in front of the TV made me look like a roly-poly. Incorrect diet and lack of physical activity could increase my risk for type 2 diabetes, so I needed something that could help me control blood sugar and improve my food habits.

One of my friends recommended me a cinnamon diet, and I decided to give it a try based on her positive review. Along with that, I did some research online and found out that many people use cinnamon for weight loss, food cravings reduction, and blood sugar control. The polyphenol compounds in cinnamon support the activity of insulin and glucose transporter receptors. It’s all about dosage and the right choice of cinnamon type.

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Taking cinnamon naturally improves health in a variety of ways!

After some investigation, I found out that there are 2 types of cinnamon – Cassia and Ceylon cinnamon. The one that we usually use as a spice is a common Cassia cinnamon. Ceylon cinnamon is much rarer and has a smaller concentration of nutrient called coumarin, which is toxic to the liver (avoid taking cassia cinnamon if you suffer from liver problems!). Ceylon cinnamon, which is considered the “real cinnamon”, has 1000 times less coumarin and is much safer to take.

Discovering Encapsulated Cinnamon

I started to follow the cinnamon diet and instantly noticed some positive changes. I felt more sated with less food and I almost stopped feeling spontaneous food cravings. However, the Cinnamon taste was quite nasty, so after a couple of weeks, I could not stand it anymore. I found that encapsulated cinnamon is even more effective as it usually contains Ceylon cinnamon. So I decided to buy cinnamon capsules and compare my experience.

Many brands sell Cinnamon extract supplements (also known as encapsulated cinnamon), so it took time to compare and choose the best one. I chose Potent Organics Cinnamon as it seemed to be the best choice for me. A package contains 60 capsules with 1200 mg of organic Ceylon cinnamon in each serving. The capsules do not contain any extra ingredients and are 100% vegan-friendly. The capsules are easy to swallow and do not cause any burps. It’s now one of my favorite supplements and is in my automatic online re-order list.

I started to use cinnamon for weight loss, and after a month I noticed that my belly fat almost disappeared. I was somewhat skeptical in regard to how effective it can be, but when my fasting test results improved by 10%, I realized I had found a gem. Besides, my blood glucose numbers went down. It only took to take 2 capsules of Potent Organics Cinnamon a day. I also felt much more motivated and full of strength to work out in the evenings, so I was finally able to include physical activity in my schedule, something I failed to do for years!

Whether you are searching for a universal nourishing remedy or aim to lose weight, this cinnamon supplement is the right choice for you!


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