18 Home Remedies for Frizzy Hair

Every girl, and some guys, have had to deal with frizzy hair at some point or another. But what exactly is it? So, what makes your hair look frizzy and dry is moisture that gets into the shafts and strands of your hair and makes them swell up. Luckily, there are many home remedies for frizzy hair.

What Causes Frizzy Hair?

There a handful of causes for frizzy hair. Dehydration, dyes and bleaches, oily hair, the wrong type of shampoo or conditioner, unbalanced pH levels, and pillowcases made of the wrong material are the most common causes of dry hair.

Home Remedies for Frizzy Hair

frizzy hair

Try the home remedies below to tame your frizzy hair!

  1. Vitamin E

There is antioxidant called vitamin E that prompts moisture and growth. Vitamin E is important because the molecules are small enough that they get into the shaft rather than roughing up the outside of it. Taking vitamin E supplements or using shampoo and conditioner infused with vitamin E can help to tame frizzy hair.


  1. Coconut Oil

Do not be too surprised if you see coconut oil advertised on shampoos. Coconut oil is a great home remedy for frizzy hair because of how light the molecules are. The way the coconut oil moistens hair from the outside while being light enough to not do damage is really quite cool.

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Extra Virgin Coconut Oil ($14.97)

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar’s pH level is similar to that of a human’s hair. So if you have frizzy hair, it could be because the pH level is off. Apple cider vinegar can be used to correct it.

Using apple cider vinegar for your hair is rather simple. You wait to wet all of your hair with the liquid and let it be for between half an hour to an hour. Once the time is up, you want to rinse the apple cider vinegar out with cool water and then condition as usual.


  1. Raw Eggs

You need to use the olive oil along with the eggs for this frizzy hair home remedy, but it is not too hard. Whisk up one raw egg and mix it with a small amount of olive oil. Mix this into your hair half an hour before you shower, washing and conditioning your hair like normal.

The raw egg helps your hair before of its high amount of protein, lysozyme (an enzyme that cleans your hair of oils you do not want), and fats. The olive oil to help keep the moisture in the shafts of your hair. This mixture can also help your hair to grow fast.

  1. Carbonated Water

This one is a but surprising. For this one, you just need carbonated water. After you shower, washing and/or conditioning your hair like you always do. Before you get out of the shower, though, rinse your hair with the carbonated water. This helps because the fizzy water lessens the amount of frizz in your hair.


  1. Almond Oil and a Raw Egg

Almond oil can moisten your hair as well, and it does an amazing job of it. This is a kind of ‘mask’ that you want to apply to your hair and let it sit for about 40 minutes before washing out. To make the mask, you want to whisk and egg and mix a fourth of a cup of oil to it. It is best if you only do this once a week.

almond, almond oil, oil, dry hair

Almond oil can be purchased or made from fresh almonds

  1. Mayonnaise

This remedy might be a bit too much for some people, but it might be worth a try. For this, you mix the fourth cup of mayonnaise with an egg and a third cup of almond oil. You can apply this to your hair twice a week. This interesting mix sure makes your hair stronger and shiny while stopping the frizz your hair.


  1. Honey and Lemon

Frizzy hair is stopped by the lemon and honey because of them cleaning the hair of oils so that the cuticles of your hair can repair themselves. On top of that, the vitamin C from the lemon can give your hair subtle and natural highlights.

To make the mask you should use once every two weeks, you mix two tablespoons of both honey and lemon juice with a cup of water and pour it on your hair right after having washed it. You want to rub it into your scalp well and let it be for ten minutes before rinsing it out with warm water and repeating your shampooing.

This home remedy for frizzy hair works best for people who have naturally light-colored hair, as lemon juice works as a natural bleaching agent.


  1. Honey

Honey does wonders for keeping moisture in your hair rather than stuck on the outside of the shafts. This tip has a very simple ratio. For every tablespoon of honey, you dilute it in a cup of warm water.

It should be noted that honey can lighten your hair. If you are okay with or want gentle highlights, you can use this method twice a week. If you do not like the idea of light hair, you can use the method once a week and it will work just as well.


  1. Aloe Vera Gel

The fourth cup of aloe vera gel, when mixed with a fourth cup of a carrier oil (almond oil, for example) is amazing for adding moisture to your hair and keep it in. After they have the total half cup mixed together, you rub it into your hair and scalp and leave it in for 20 minutes to half an hour before washing and conditioning your hair.

  1. Avocado

Avocados have a lot of proteins and oils that can help your hair. To use avocado to calm your frizzy hair, you need to apply mushed half of an avocado and a few drops of peppermint essential oil to your hair and then rinse it out after about 15 minutes.


  1. Banana

Bananas and olive oil can leave your hair shiny and moist. You only to blend a tablespoon of olive oil with a single banana and massage it into your hair, but you might want to leave it in for half an hour before rinsing it out and shampooing.

banana, bananas, poop, home remedies for frizzy hair

Use ripe (brown) bananas to get the best results

  1. Sugar Water

Make your own kind of hair starch with a teaspoon of water and a cup of water. Once you have them mixed together, you can pour some into your palms and then run them through your hair where you need to. While this does not stop frizzy hair, it works decently for a short-term fix.


  1. Ponytails

This is probably the easiest thing on this list, but might not very well for different kinds of hair. After washing your hair, brush your hair, and put it in a tight ponytail. You want to do all of this while your hair is still wet, but not dripping. The tension on your hair so helps it to lay flat.


  1. Chamomile

You are pretty much making tea but adding a fourth cup of apple cider vinegar. You need to boil a tablespoon of dried chamomile in two cups of water and allow the mixture to settle for an hour before adding the fourth cup of apple cider vinegar. After you shampoo your hair, you then pour the mixture through your hair, doing it couple times with the small amount of the batch to make sure you did not miss any of your hair, and lastly, you rinse it out and condition your hair.

chamomile, tea chamomile tea

Use fresh or dried chamomile flowers to get the most out of this home remedy

  1. Butter

If you have troubles with brittle, dry, frizzy hair, this how is a good way to cancel out all three. Massage some butter into your hair before covering it for a half an hour with a shower cap and rinsing it out with shampoo.


  1. Wrapping Your Hair

You may have heard that the best way to way dry your hair without damaging it is to just rub or pat your hair dry. However, if your hair becomes brittle when it gets frizzy, there is a different way of drying your hair that might work better. If you wrap your hair when you get out of the shower instead of rubbing it dry, the towel gradually draws the water from your hair while drawing it out of your hair slow enough to let your hair suck some of it too.

  1. Let Loose

If you have your hair in tight ponytails or buns all day every day except for when you are asleep, that can put added stress on your hair which can mess with the shafts and make your hair frizz out. Go a couple days a week with your hair down and see that helps at all.

red hair, hair, natural hair dye

Let your hair down as much as possible

Which of these home remedies will you try? Comment below!









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