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4 ways to get toned thighs

If you have ever wanted to get toned thighs, you know how hard it is to get these muscles to cooperate with what you want to achieve. Lucky for you we researched and found...

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7 Home Remedies for Spleen Problems

An enlarged spleen can create a problem. When this occurs your spleen has become overactive in that it is removing blood cells at a quicker pace. It is also fighting to combat any bacteria...

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10 Home Remedies For Scalp Pain

10 Home Remedies For Scalp Pain Scalp pain is a symptom of a headache, head injury, skin condition, trauma, skull fracture, etc. It may be an indication of brain injury. A headache or pain...

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Health Benefits of Retinol

Of all the skincare ingredients available today, none garners as much hype as retinol and for good reason! Here’s the truth: After sunscreen, the number one most important skincare ingredient is, without a doubt, retinol. Keep reading to learn all about the amazing health benefits of retinol!

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How I Started Taking Cinnamon

We are all looking for an ideal health remedy, right? The one that we can easily add to our diet, packed with many health benefits and no side effects. Encapsulated cinnamon became such a remedy for me. Here are my personal experience and investigations that lead me to include cinnamon in my daily routine without looking back!

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5 DIY Dandruff Shampoo Recipes

We’ve previously published an article about how to make your own shampoo. However, we know that not every shampoo is perfect for everybody. That’s why we’ve created this list of shampoos that are perfect for people who struggle with dandruff or a dry, itchy scalp. Each of the five DIY dandruff shampoo recipes listed below are made out of natural ingredients.

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15 Home Remedies for a Dry Nose

A dry nose is not always a symptom of disease as it might result in a direct reaction to extreme weather conditions. When it is winter, the dry air impacts human skin and organs in such a way that moisture loss is unavoidable.