34 Indian Gooseberry Health Benefits

Indian gooseberries grow in India and a few other Southeast Asian countries. The Indian gooseberry, also known as Amla, have been used in ancient India medicines for over 5000 years. The fruit itself is a light green color and has a sour taste. In India, it is commonly eaten with salt or chili powder. It can also be made into a sugared candy and can often be pickled. It can also be used to infuse tea or eaten dried to gain its nutritional benefits. Some shampoos or lotions may also contain traces of Amla.

The fruit has a high level of a range of nutrients which contributes heavily to a number of health benefits. Its taste can be quite harsh and some people prefer to use it in other forms such as tablets, shampoos, or lotions.

Like many fruits, it has a high vitamin and mineral content and is a source of antioxidants.

Indian Gooseberry (Amla) Health Benefits

  1. Relief from Acidity

Thanks to its high fiber content, Indian gooseberries have great anti-inflammatory qualities. This can help to soothe your intestines and reduce acidity in your stomach.

gooseberries, amnesia, bedwetting, amla

Indian gooseberries

  1. Improves Calcium Absorption

Even if you eat plenty of dairy to keep up your calcium levels, not all the calcium we consume is absorbed by our bodies. The Indian gooseberry helps to improve calcium absorption so that you feel more of the benefit of the calcium you consume.


  1. Manages Diabetes

The chromium present in Indian gooseberry can be of huge benefit to people suffering from diabetes. Because it can stimulate the cells responsible for insulin production, it helps to improve the uptake of sugar in the body. As a result, you’ll experience fewer sugar spikes as less sugar is left in the blood.


  1. Boosts Immunity

Indian gooseberries have natural immunity boosting qualities. They contain high levels of vitamins C and A as well as polyphenols and alkaloids. Combined, these properties have a potent antibacterial quality which helps to fight off infection.  In fact, the juice from the gooseberry has often been used to help increase the number of white blood cells in a person’s body to help improve their immune system.


  1. Aids in Digestion

Because Indian gooseberries are high in fiber they help to bulk up your stools and regulate your bowel.  In doing so, it reduces both your risk of constipation and diarrhea. What’s more, Indian gooseberries can help with the secretion of gastric acids which will help you feel lighter and fitter due to better digestion and absorption of nutrients.


  1. Prevents Heart Disease

If you crush the Indian gooseberries into a powder it could help to strengthen your heart muscles, which helps to improve blood circulation. Because it also has the ability to reduce high cholesterol levels, amla could reduce plaque in your arteries. This helps to lower blood pressure and puts your heart under less strain. As a result, it can reduce your risk of a stroke or heart attack.

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Indian gooseberries are one of many foods that can be eaten to improve heart health

  1. Hair Care

A number of hair tonics and shampoos contain traces of Indian gooseberry in them. It’s great for strengthening the root of the hair giving it back its luster and enhancing the hair pigmentation.  

  1. Eye Care

Indian gooseberry juice is rich in vitamin A, which makes it great for improving your eyesight and the health of your eyes. It can help to reduce the risk of developing cataracts and reduces tension in your eyes. This is largely due to its high content of carotene which is renowned for its powers of aiding vision-related problems. One of the major health benefits of amla’s high vitamin A content is, therefore, its ability to reduce the risk of blindness and macular degeneration.


  1. Boosts Liver Health

Another health benefit of Indian gooseberry juice is its ability to re-energize your liver. As a result, it helps to boost your energy levels and gives you more ‘get up and go’. A number of elements in Indian gooseberries help to detoxify your body, with a specific impact on the liver.


  1. Tackle Cancer

One of the most amazing health benefits of Indian gooseberry is its ability to help tackle cancer. It carries out cytotoxic activity against both cervical and ovarian cancers. It’s also packed full of polyphenols which add to its cancer tackling abilities. Research has also indicated that Indian gooseberries have tumor repressive qualities that are effective against a number of cancer types.


  1. Improves Metabolic Activity

Indian gooseberry is also high in protein, which means it’s great for managing your metabolism. As such, eating these fruits can help you manage your weight in a healthy way. The enzymes in our digestive system break down plant proteins and the puts them back together to proteins that our bodies can use to carry out specific functions. These proteins are usually needed for muscle developments, growth and maintaining a healthy and steady metabolism.

Scale, weight loss after 40

The healthier your metabolism, the easier it will be for you to lose weight

  1. Treats Menstrual Cramps

The vast range of minerals and vitamins in Indian gooseberries mean that they’re great for minimizing menstrual cramps. It can take a while for these effects to take hold, however, so it’s a good idea to eat a few on a regular basis to let the nutrients build up in your body.


  1. Relieves Diarrhoea

The powder you can make from Indian gooseberries makes a great remedy for diarrhea. It has great cooling powers which help to calm diarrhea and the burning sensation in the abdomen that this can cause. It also has a laxative quality if eaten too much and can help to flush any toxins and harmful substances that could otherwise cause illnesses. This can also help to heal your insides after an illness.


  1. Improves Appetite

It’s a little-known health benefit of the powder made from Indian gooseberries can help improve your appetite. Mix the powder with a little honey to improve your appetite just before a meal. The gooseberries help to balance out the nitrogen in your body and help you maintain a healthy weight and gain any lost weight in a stable and responsible way.


  1. Reduce a Fever

Indian gooseberries have been used in fever remedies for years. It’s not clear why they have this effect but it’s likely to be due to their cooling abilities that ease your muscles.

  1. Treat Respiratory Problems

Amla is also thought to have a positive effect on respiratory conditions like asthma, tuberculosis, and a blocked chest. The high concentrations of vitamin C in the gooseberry are great for making a herbal remedy too. This remedy can be used to treat a common cough or cold.  It’s also known to help with common chest infections.


Indian gooseberries should be used to prevent an asthma attack, not to treat one

  1. Treat Anaemia

Because the Indian gooseberry is a great source of iron, it’s really beneficial for those who suffer from anemia. The high concentration of iron helps your body to generate new red blood cells which carry oxygen around the body. This helps to keep your energy levels up and prevent fatigue.


  1. Strengthen Teeth, Bone, and Nails

Research carried out at Ferrara University indicated that Indian gooseberry can help to slow down the activity of cells which break down bone. This is largely because of the fruit’s anti-inflammatory qualities. By slowing down this process, the gooseberry helps your bones, teeth, and nails to stay stronger for longer and can decrease the effect of conditions such as osteoporosis.


  1. Reduce the Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

Studies have shown that taking two capsules of medication containing extracts of Indian gooseberry can really help reduce the pain of osteoarthritis. In fact, taking two capsules three times a day for 24 days was almost as effective as taking more typically prescribed drugs for the same amount of time. This is most likely down to the fruit’s ability to act as an anti-inflammatory agent.


  1. Treating Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a condition that results in uneven pigmentation of the skin. Many people with the condition find that their skin is different shades in various patches. However, certain tablets containing extracts of Indian gooseberry are thought to help increase the repigmentation of skin. Because they also help to reduce inflammation they can really help to decrease the effects of vitiligo.


  1. Reduces Joint Pain

Another health benefit of the Indian gooseberry that comes from its anti-inflammatory abilities is its reduction of joint pain. By reducing the swelling around your joints, the fruit can stop the bones rubbing against each other and thus reduces pain.

spinach, leafy greens, joint pain

Eating spinach can also help to reduce joint pain

  1. Prevents Constipation

Indian gooseberries are in fact a natural laxative. So, while their high fiber content helps to make your stools more solid, they also help to encourage more regular bowel movement.


  1. Decreases Inflammation

In some cases, inflammation can be a normal and beneficial response to injury. However, chronic inflammation can be highly dangerous and can even lead to the development of diseases like cancer. The juice of an Indian gooseberry has strong anti-inflammatory properties which mean it’s great for preventing a number of serious diseases. Its anti-inflammatory abilities are most likely down to the high level of antioxidants in the fruit. These help to prevent oxidative damage to cells by neutralizing the effect of free radicals.

  1. Supports Cognitive Function

Recent research has indicated that a surprising health benefit of Indian gooseberries is their effect on cognitive function. Their high antioxidant concentrations can help to increase retention and memory function. This could mean that it may help to reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.


  1. Improved Reproductive Abilities

Indian gooseberry is known as a vrishya herb. This means that it has the ability to improve all seven types of tissue in the body. Therefore, the fruit can help to support the reproductive tissues and improve your reproductive abilities. It is thought to help both men and women who are having trouble conceiving and can help to energize semen and improve the quality of their sperm.  


  1. Reduce Stress

Amla is a very effective stress reliever and is often used to help individuals who are having trouble sleeping. Massage a little of the oil from the fruit into your temples to ease the tension in your head and help you to drift off into a sound sleep.  

sleep, smile lines

Eating Indian gooseberries is a great way to fight insomnia

  1. Better Mental Health

The Indian gooseberry has an impeccable ability to aid the flow of blood. This means it can help a number of bodily functions including cognitive function, memory and mood regulation. It’s this mood regulation that can help tackle some of the mood swings that are symptoms of poor mental health.


  1. Heals Pimples and Acne

If you’re after clearer skin then Amla powder could be just what you need. It’s incredibly useful in reducing acne and pimples, especially when applied directly to the affected area. The anti-inflammatory effect helps to take down the swelling of the pimples and makes them look less red.


  1. Reduces Skin Irritation and Blemishes

Because, as already mentioned, Indian gooseberries help to flush out toxins from the body, they can really help to reduce irritation and blemishes.

  1. A Natural Cleanser

Face packs containing amla powder are great natural cleansers. They help to rid the skin of excess oils and dirt that would otherwise develop into pimples and spots. You can try making a paste with the powder and applying this to your face for ten minutes. After the ten minutes, rinse your face thoroughly.


  1. Brighter Skin Tone

Drinking amla juice regularly can help to make your skin look brighter and more glowing. This is because of the anti-bacterial properties the fruit juices hold. It can help to purify your blood which will enhance your glowing complexion and leave your skin looking smoother and healthier.

oats, dark spots

exfoliating your skin with oats can also help you to get brighter skin

  1. Restores Your Skin’s Firmness

Because Indian Gooseberries contains such a high level of Vitamin C and antioxidants, they are great for skin health. Applying a little of the oil to your face or making a paste from the powder can help to stimulate collagen production. This then helps to firm up the skin and give it a together, more supple appearance.


  1. Promotes Hair Growth

In ancient civilizations, amla was often used in remedies to help encourage hair growth and prevent baldness. The high level of nutrients in the fruit is able to penetrate your hair follicles, conditioning the hair and reducing the risk of breakage.


  1. Treats Scalp Conditions

The Indian gooseberry’s antibacterial properties are great for conditioning the scalp. This means they can really help to ease the symptoms of eczema and reduce dandruff. It also soothes the itchiness caused by these conditions.

fig, shampoo, conditioner, hair

The best way to use gooseberry for this home remedy is to find shampoo that has it as an ingredient

Remember, Indian gooseberries can be tricky to find in their fresh form. You’re best looking for powders or juices and other products that contain traces of the fruit.












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